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10:41 AM on 09/28/2011
North Korea is hard at work developing a new missle made from the discarded shells of old yellow american school buses. It seems that once launched as high as a satelitte they would be totally untrackable and indefensible.....
11:11 AM on 09/28/2011
No problem. You can always see that ol' school bus coming.
10:16 AM on 09/28/2011
We can pinpoint a landing on Mars, we have technology that can see a dime on the street from 1200 miles above the earth, we can send people to the moon but we can't tell where a satellite will fall. Granted it was a decaying orbit, meaning they can't transmit and receive any signal, but why wait until the satellite decays, they know well ahead of time how long these things will last, so just bring it down under control while there is still a little life left in them.
11:20 AM on 09/28/2011
You really do not get the problem.
rock and a hard place
10:05 AM on 09/28/2011
Makes a nice reef.....the fish love it ...match's the other furniture beautifully..!!..Tell the Orca to stop nibbling on it ..!!
09:59 AM on 09/28/2011
don't they have a thing called radar?
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01:04 PM on 09/28/2011
NASA didn't invent it so they don't know how it works , but for a few billion more they will try and learn .
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09:58 AM on 09/28/2011
That little goofy penguin they let go a couple of weeks ago probably knows where it is.
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09:44 AM on 09/28/2011
After much guesswork and pondering the great minds at NASA wrote names of various places on the globe and put them into a hat. After much deliberation a name was drawn from the hat and thats where the object landed. Nothing like accuracy.
09:39 AM on 09/28/2011
What goes up must come down, even in space I guess but who knows where "down" is in outer space?
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09:31 AM on 09/28/2011
suffice to say, it will land apprimiately somewhere between Samoa and Canada. That's accurate enough for me.
09:29 AM on 09/28/2011
I wish it would have landed in my backyard. I would of sold it at a sothabys auction.
And if NASA wanted it back I would use the law that if a ship is abanded who ever gets there first is the owner.Salvage
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09:00 AM on 09/28/2011
It landed next to Amelia Earhart's plane.
09:42 AM on 09/28/2011
Or just left of Glen Millers Plane.
08:07 AM on 09/28/2011
I am all for the cutting of funding to NASA, but maybe we cut the wrong people from the agency. The engineers there used to say, The satellite will fall at 202 am, and will hit at ------.. now we get the same alert we get with terrorists, "we don't know where, we don't know when, but some where, at some point, something bad is going to happen." Think maybe homeland security took over NASA???
09:35 AM on 09/28/2011
sounds like it they both have their heads where the sun doesn't shine
slowly watching humanity wither away...
04:03 AM on 09/28/2011
Lovely, more trash and pollution in the ocean!
11:18 AM on 09/28/2011
Do you honestly believe that all the ships that ply the worlds oceans have sewer treatment plants aboard.
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02:27 AM on 09/28/2011
RCMP: By george, I think they said it will land here !!!
Samoa Native : Look George, it landed here !!!
NASA Engineer: WHAT !!!!! WHERE !!!!
11:16 PM on 09/27/2011
They never can predict where this stuff will fall. I survived Skylab in 79-80. It was supposed to fall in the Pacific Northwest between Seattle and Vancouver around Bellingham where I lived. It ended up in Australia. oops
11:41 PM on 09/27/2011
The U.S., former USSR, France, China, and others have been sending tons of satellites into near earth orbit for over 50 years. It is beyond irresponsible for there to be no practical means of redirecting or destroying falling satellites upon re entry. Would it be asking too much to require a complete destruct mechanism to activate when power supply reaches a critically low level? At least design them to break up sufficiently upon re entry to vaporize. And what of all that is up there now? A space waste management program should be implemented to retrieve, disassemble, or redirect space junk when these satellites die. If a pleasure boater dumps a dead battery into a harbor, it is considered to be toxic waste. What of the national space agencies? This is a growing issue and should be addressed fully.
11:24 AM on 09/28/2011
You really just dont get science, do you?
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10:32 PM on 09/27/2011
Pretty soon useless congressional debris will start falling from the sky. The likelihood of being hit is far greater.
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10:44 PM on 09/27/2011
Stated like a true wordsmith! Bravo!
10:55 PM on 09/27/2011
Debris from the Senate are already littering our lawns and sticking to our shoes.