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07:41 PM on 04/25/2008
Arthur Kent is awesome! The book he wrote about his nightmare job at NBC (stands for "Nothing But C*nts" btw) was a brave nailbiter and an urgent warning about what was happening to network news in the '90s. NBC tried to smear him for refusing to do "light news" by saying he was crazy. Crazy as Cassandra, Kent sued them and won enough money to hire back his crew (which NBC had laid off) and start his own documentary company. The man is a great role model in journalism, and if I were Canadian, I'd proudly campaign for him.
07:18 PM on 04/25/2008
Before you go trash talking someone you don't even know, take the time to learn a little more. Maybe that goes against the idiot code or something.

Arthur Kent is a good man and you punks should be embarrassed by your rush to judgement.

I guess any familiar name that get posted up gets spit at automatically, no matter the issue.
05:24 PM on 04/25/2008
Copyright is the law, they should pay up. How was he supposed to know they were using HIS footage until the movie already came out if they didn't get his permission beforehand. This kind of lawsuit is what protects you from corporations that would otherwise take your properties and use them without any compensation.

FYI, Arthur Kent is running for public office in Canada.

Some of you numbskulls think that once someone's US tv career slows down, that somehow that person is dead or living on skid row. Gee, Arthur Kent could have been a Wolfe Blitzer, as if being a corporate new punk is somehow the zenith of living.

Some of you are so stupid. You read a headline and without any knowledge of the story, you just start spewing negativity. You all would have made a great witch burning mob. Morons!
05:45 PM on 04/25/2008
RIGHT ON, Maraca. Apparently none of the monkeys posting here know the first thing about filing a civil complaint with a federal court. It's not like you can run down to Office Depot and pick up a couple of pre-printed forms.
Americans are woefully ignorant when it comes to the workings of our legal system.
Maybe it's the flouride in our water. lol
08:15 PM on 04/25/2008
He isn't "running" - he ran on the Conservative ticket in Calgary Currie and lost to Liberal MLA Dave Taylor.

If there is a better definition of the phrase 'abject failure' than to lose to a Liberal while running as a Conservative IN CALGARY, I do not know it.
11:32 PM on 04/25/2008
This would be true, lol
04:47 PM on 04/25/2008
Um, Arthur, I know that, um, as a "news person," you, um, "get" the, um, concept of, uh-ah-um, "news."

This movie? Ah, old news. Do the words, "day late" and "dollar short" mean anything to you?
04:47 PM on 04/25/2008
so 15 minutes just wasn't enough, huh?...........embarassing.
03:56 PM on 04/25/2008
Come on, Arthur Kent. Couldn't you have just asked for $25k or something without damaging your credibility even more?

A journalist/censor isn't going to be a popular combo. Especially after the movie's essentially finished its main lifecycle. Makes it kinda look even more like you're out to lunch. Oh well.
04:17 PM on 04/25/2008
Perhaps a scud hit the stud over in Saudi rendering him incapable of making sound decisions. If that's not the case then he is just a pathetic money-grubber.
12:27 AM on 04/26/2008
Which may bring on tomorrow's headline: "Scud Stud a Dud."