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12:27 PM on 04/28/2008
and yet we still do nothing. where is the outrage? why are content to wait until next january?
I am alive.
03:34 PM on 04/28/2008
I think the outrage only comes for some folks when it is their own family that loses a loved one.
Here is a Bible verse that caused me to start thinking lkie a democrat:

Hebrews 13:3 " 3 Remember those in prison. Think of them as if you were in prison with them. Remember those who are suffering because of what others have done to them. You may suffer in the same way."

I take it personally when there is a needless loss of life. This "war" breaks my heart every day.
Just Sayin...
12:17 PM on 04/28/2008
I do not have any "blood" family members serving in the arm services, but I feel the men and women serving our country is family and is our first line of defense in the event someone does arm to our country.
This war was a mistake and the powers that be did not take into account that sending our family into battle should not be taken lightly!! They have no remorse for our family "that volunteered to be our front line of defense".

Everytime I hear of someone dying from this war it sickens me to no end.

I offer my heart felt condolence to his "blood" family.
11:46 AM on 04/28/2008
Look, not to minimize the loss discussed in this post, but -- to paraphrase the SAT test -- what would you say is the best title for it? Multiple choices:

A: Today We are Inescapably Part of a Nation at War
B: BULLETIN: A Casualty Not From Random Corn-Growing Flyover State
C: Rich Liberal America Wakes Up in 2008 to Nightmare That Began in 2003
D: We Just Can't Believe This Could Happen Here
E: The Hamptons Should Be Immune From This Sort of Thing

If you said "A," well, that was Baitz's phrase, so I guess you win. But any one of these would work, and the message Baitz really sends, intentionally or not, is "E."

It verges on ridiculous to announce that Sag Harbor, Long Island, the exclusive retreat of NYC's media and publishing and showbiz elites, today -- TODAY -- realizes it is inescapably part of the United States of America, e.g. a nationat war. You gazillionaires have been watching the war on TV for five years; heck, some of you make the TV programs that show it. That Baitz has, apparently, heretofore conceived of his honeyed, moneyed playground as insulated from its agonies is very nearly pathetic -- and explains why "elite" has become an epithet in this country.
12:16 PM on 04/28/2008
I think the elitist is the author of this comment.
01:49 PM on 04/28/2008
as i read somewhere this weekend - 'elitist' has come to mean anyone who is PAYING ATTENTION.

as for the nation of sheep - how many people who work more than one job can afford to take any time off to march on washington these days?

we're not a nation of sheep; we're a nation of marionettes. we have no control over the puppeteers.
01:20 PM on 04/28/2008
Mr. Tom F.

Actually, the answer is D. No, we can't believe this is happening here. I cannot believe it is happening ANYWHERE and we are still supporting it by our passivity.

Like a nation of sheep, we have allowed this corrupt administration to lead us into a war that is killing hundreds of thousands of people with no sane ending in sight.

As for Sag Harbor, while it may be an enclave for some wealthy folks, it has not been immune or insulated from what is going on in the world. I take great offense to your comments about where some people live.
10:48 AM on 04/28/2008
One more time, this isn't a war, it's an occupation.
10:43 AM on 04/28/2008
I wonder how many more PEOPLE, not Americans, not Iraqis, PEOPLE, will have to die so that he will not have died in vain? Ah, well, all for a good cause, eh? Move on.
10:20 AM on 04/28/2008
Somebody said Sag Harbour is not a "typical American town" or something equally ridiculous. They are trying to say it's in the Hamptons and full of rich people, but in fact EVERY place where somebody dies and is brought home from a war is "a typical American town". Did you read about this young man's life? How he was out of High School and wanted to be a policeman in the town where he grew up?

There is no point, as some have suggested, in removing political thinking from these comments. It was a series of political decisions that led directly to this boy's life ending.

If you support the war, you can mourn his loss of life and his duty to his country.

If you do not support the war, you can still mourn his loss of life and you can blame the administration that killed him, the President and Vice President who would do it all over again. And you can support a candidate for President who did not support this war that makes Vietnam seems reasonable in comparison, who wants a new role for the USA in the world, and maybe by doing so you can help young guys to live a fuller and longer life all over this country than Jordan Haerter could.
09:05 AM on 04/28/2008
Thank you for this article, it touched me deeply. I am so sad for his family.
08:56 AM on 04/28/2008
This morning, I breezed through the headline segments of all the morning shows, clicking rapidly from one to the other. Not one word about Iraq.

When our little upstate New York town brought back its first dead from this debacle, all the highway overpasses were draped with flags and jammed with people. A cortege of EMT vehicles escorted his body from the airport - some 40 minutes away. They moved along I-95 at 45 mph and little by little, truckers joined the procession, until it was 5 miles long.

Kids got out of school all along the route, and stood silently on the grass, waving small flags on sticks. It was heart-wrenching.

This morning on the news, there was no news of Iraq.

But there were plenty of jackass pundits tallking about lapel pins and Rev. Wright.
09:12 AM on 04/28/2008
I had the exact thoughts this morning. I knew that the green zone was bombarded yesterday,,,and no mention on the news. Is ignoring what these young people are going through supporting the troops?It is so shameful, the media continues to exploit trivia, and overlooks the tragedy of this war. I grieve for any loss, in any town, in America, and in Iraq.
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Goddess Divine and certainly an acquired taste...
09:39 AM on 04/28/2008
Having just watched Reverend Wright's speech at the press club, I was impressed with how he's pointed out that those who lied our country into this war have never served in military service. If a pastor who's been pilloried so sweepingly can remember what the point of our focus ought to be, I can certainly understand Obama's presence in his congregation for all those years.

I mourn for this family as I mourn for the five students from the high school I work at who have died in service to our country, even as our country has been deceived.
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08:49 AM on 04/28/2008
Thank you for reminding us what this "war" is costing us. And, while we mourn the loss of our men and women, we should take a moment to think also of the Iraqis, many of them unarmed civilians, many women, many children, many just infants, who have perished in this unprovoked war.

And, of course, let us not forget those, both ours and theirs, who have survived, but so badly wounded that they wish they had been killed.

Why did we let this happen? Why do we let this go on?
Campari with a twist...
12:16 PM on 04/28/2008
Well said. Another point that should be made is that this very scene is going on every day all across America. Horror scenes in VA & DOD Hospitals are going on every day all across America. America just chooses not to see it.
08:38 AM on 04/28/2008
President McCain will be happy to extend this war for 100 more years, which will give Sag Harbor 19 more Jordan Haerters. Anyone who votes for McCain is voting to send more young men like this to their deaths. It's beyond me how John McCain can get even one vote this fall.
08:24 AM on 04/28/2008
One of my dearest friends lost her only son in Iraq in November of '05. Memorial day will never feel the same.
Speak your truth, even if your voice quivers.
07:49 AM on 04/28/2008
It may sick to catch the snippets of the "White House Correspondents, President and Vice President dinner this past weekend so cozy together while our kids our dying in Iraq!
12:43 AM on 04/28/2008
I'm sorry for this young man's family and his village's loss. Your loss. Our loss.

Always love your writing. Thank you once again.

07:37 AM on 04/28/2008
As the mother of an Army Sgt FC getting ready to go on his fourth deployment, I feel such agony when any of our young men and women die in this war.

There will be those who say "they volunteered" for this and some who turn a blind eye and talk of "acceptable losses" in order to feel better about this war.

With only 1% of our nation fighting the GWOT, many people are simply tuned out. But, their families and communities are not. Indeed, there will be many more until we have the courage to say enough is enough, swallow our pride and bring them home.

Thank you for writing this. Godspeed to his family, and to his community.
per omnia extrema
11:57 PM on 04/27/2008
A former U.S. Navy Corpsman (67-71) I know something about Marines. They live for each other; they do their duty at least with honor, and suffer and hope like the rest of us. But we as a natin have to be more vigilant about our politics. We can't have Congress voting to go to war in a cavilear manner anymore, as if the war in Iraq might be over in a week or two. War is a decision to kill this young Marine and others. War is also a decision to kill innocents. Those who said yes to the war in Iraq were no friend of this U.S. Marine. And I would say this to the face of every Congressman and Senator who voted for this war, "You are no friend of a Marine." So Congress do your damn duty--stop this war. Honor him who honored this nation with his life's blood.
09:08 AM on 04/28/2008
Remember that the Republicans held the majority for 12 years and still control what passes and does not pass congress for the president to sing into law. Then Bush will veto anything that even hints at stopping this debacle that was so eagerly entered into. Reverend Wright said it best when he said that the United States was just as much a terrorist state as any other terrorist state, something that we as a nation just don't want to admit.
09:16 AM on 04/28/2008
This hideous war will end soon. We're out of money.
11:33 PM on 04/27/2008
A well written piece in tribute to a brave young man the loss of this young man should be make stop and realise the cost of war.