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09:55 PM on 04/28/2008
There's probably more where that came from.
09:15 PM on 04/28/2008
Does Hillary see the Monster in the mirror? She is disgraceful!
11:24 PM on 04/28/2008
Hope Obama makes a good comercial for himself out of this one!!!
08:32 PM on 04/28/2008
The story is on the front page of Digg. It's on it's way.
Airborne All the Way
07:46 PM on 04/28/2008
Amazing, simply amazing.
How does the saying go?...When you stop lying about my record...I'll stop telling the truth about yours.
I think it's time for the Clintons to just go away!
12:53 PM on 04/29/2008
I agree that Obama must talk about Clinton's multiple contradictions. It seems clear that the Clintons are in this election for personal gain. Remember they made $109 millions mostly promoting trade deals that ship american jobs overseas. Now, it seems that they want to use the power of the presidency to continue making millions of dollar. That's why they are desperate and fighting like mad dogs.
Ban the bomb
06:52 PM on 04/28/2008
It amazes me that a politician can take one position in the 1990's and then take another diametrically opposed position in the next decade. If Bill Clinton was totally gung ho for NAFTA and did not particularly care about losing jobs in the U.S. how can Hillary ignore that fact and get away with it? How can voters who work in areas that lost jobs due to outsourcing support her?

If you lose your blue collar job, simply go to Harvard and re-train yourself. The joke is that if you could get into Harvard instead of community college you would have done so already. The answer lies in the fact that blue collar workers are still resentful of affirmative action programs where minorities and women got jobs preferentially. Also, enforcing anti-segregation by busing to achieve racial equality caused resentment. Remember that Jimmy Hoffa supported Nixon. The teamsters voted for the Republican candidate for all those "good" war jobs.

In general, blue collar workers are not well educated. Therefore, they are easily misled by spurious issues and oftentimes vote against their own economic self-interests. This phenomenon is known as false consciousness. When labor is right wing, as it has been in part at least since the early 70's we call this "reactionary." It's what wedge issues are all about. Tax breaks for the wealthy.
06:23 PM on 04/28/2008

Those of us in Valparaiso know the truth about this issue, we need to spread it to the rest of the state, and the nation. The company was sold to the Chinese in the mid-90's, when Clinton was president. Yes, people here were not laid off until Bush was president---but the snowball on the hill was started 10 years earlier.

How do we get this on the front page????
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07:48 PM on 04/28/2008
E-mail this article to the major news sources around the state.
01:09 AM on 04/29/2008
What is the turnaround time for letters to the editor in the newspapers of your battleground Indiana cities? Are there no Indiana surrogates or superdels for Obama?
05:09 PM on 04/28/2008
Great post. Thanks for digging up the details
10:15 PM on 04/28/2008
forget the details all you have to do is look at the US balance of trade over clinton skyrocketing from -38 billion to the high -300 billions. Bush has since doubled that. Clinton and bush share equal blame for exporting manufacturing jobs as anyone who remembers all the clinton administration timefram talk of america becomin ga service economy. It was intentional.
05:01 PM on 04/28/2008
The problem is that working class whites will still vote for her despite her hypocrisy and lies. Why? Because they'd rather see a white President than a non-white one.
04:58 PM on 04/28/2008
I'm still waiting for her explanation to the 800 thousand they received.
They were just here a minute ago...
07:06 PM on 04/28/2008
But you must admit, it is peaceful out there, listening to the crickets in the meantime.
Age quod agis
04:49 PM on 04/28/2008
David seems hell-bent on tying EVERY decision (or non-decision) made by Bill's administration as her personal responsibility. This is patently absurd, dishonest, and, frankly, stupid.

Has she taken credit for a number of policy initiatives from her husband's administration? Sure. Health Care, Education, Women's Issues, these are the matters on which she was very focused. As anti-Clinton biographer Carl Berstein noted on NAFTA, Hillary was quite outspoken about the negative effects NAFTA would have on manufacturing states. This was a general commentary, not meant for public ears, but certainly one with weight. Nevertheless, what, if anything, could Mrs. Clinton have done about the sale of this factory? Absolutely nothing.

So what is David's real motive here? Simply put, he simply cannot believe that Hillary and Bill are, gasp, two unique people who happen to be married. He sees them as part of one hydra-like creature and can't seem to wrap his head around the FACT that they, in fact, have differing approaches and ideas to identical problems. I wouldn't exactly suggest David is sexist, but he certainly does have a problem identifying a marriage as a partnership between two people as opposed to the wife being an extension of the husband.
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05:12 PM on 04/28/2008
Wasn't it Hillary Clinton who blamed Bush for the closure of the factory???
BTW, When did she stop calling herself Hillary Rodham-Clinton?
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07:47 PM on 04/28/2008
Blaming Bush is another one of her lies.
01:34 AM on 04/29/2008
She always drops "Rodham" when it suits her. She is one of those stick with it feminists, who never wavers.
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05:14 PM on 04/28/2008
She takes credit for good stuff and LIES about damaging stuff. Simple, cased closed.
To serve & protect
03:43 PM on 04/28/2008
More hypocrisy from HRC- the question is- will the MSM spend any time investigating this contradiction or are they too busy talking about important things like "electability"- I hope the Hoosiers get the word, and then get pissed!
02:34 PM on 04/28/2008
One of your most compelling points is simply that Hillary should be accountable for explanations about her differences on policy that Bill oversaw when she still touts her White House experience. So far she has avoided answering questions regarding her recent dislike of NAFTA and PNTR China. This is an interesting story to be sure.
Age quod agis
04:54 PM on 04/28/2008
She hasn't avoided the issue of NAFTA at all. Indeed, neutral observers have regarded her position on the matter "ambivalent" at best. Has she suggested that NAFTA has had some positive effects? Yes. But so has Obama. What the anti-Hillary crowd can't seem to fathom is that the issue is more complex than they suppose and they fail to recognize (or credit) that she has responded to those complexities with nuanced answers. Not just "yes, but...,", but "yes, but, and then I would, and then, which would then...."

It's a distinction completely lost on those whose minds are already closed.
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05:15 PM on 04/28/2008
She also responds with laughter, and complex answers like "how many angels dance on a pin."
02:00 PM on 04/28/2008
Sweet, that was my editorial. :) I hate it when she does that stuff. Not in my backyard.
03:47 PM on 04/28/2008
Great editorial. You should send it to as many papers as possible before the upcoming primaries. The voters need to know and many of them don't have access to the internet.
06:20 PM on 04/28/2008
Especially the poor and elderly which are a huge part if HRC's core demographic. I'd like to think that most of them aren't stupid, racist, or blind, just uninformed...
01:30 PM on 04/28/2008
Great catch, Dave. It's incidents like this that have me scratching my head, wondering if the Clintons don't have some kind of perverse, political death wish. Don't they have anyone in their campaign staff with connections to the real world? It's almost as if the same guy in the Bush White House who boasted that the Bushies created their own reality, is now in charge of fact checking for the Clintons. Weird.
01:22 PM on 04/28/2008
Well, uh.. *giggle* I mean, um... *stammer* how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?