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03:30 PM on 10/03/2011
You know what?

The GOP can keep their " tokens "

America will keep their Change!!

Obama/Biden ' 012 !!!

Because we are voting for the sane party!
Chief Imperial Sage, Earth, Milky Way Quadrant
03:27 PM on 10/03/2011
After Herman Cain's impressive victory in Flordia, it appears that the Republican's long search for a viable candidate is over. Cain is their guy. Cain vs. Obama, a wonderful, intriguing contest.
04:15 PM on 10/03/2011
Looks like that's going to be the contest, judging from all the support Herman Cainhas in our area.
03:25 PM on 10/03/2011
That's not controversial. Three quarters of white people are brainwashed too. That's about average for Americans.
domestic clown goddess
03:23 PM on 10/03/2011
It doesn't matter what Cain says, since he CANNOT get the Repubteabaglican nomination. There aren't enough Repubteabaglicans who would EVER vote for a Black man.
Tri-corn hats cannot fit block heads
04:10 PM on 10/03/2011
Seriously man, TeaGOP are already eyeing Joisey's Gov. Krispy for their pick. Godfather Stain is in deep dish pizza denial.
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Stab your television. Get a guitar.
03:17 PM on 10/03/2011
The GOP is no longer just "conservative" it is extremely right wing and corrupt and that is why people dislike it. They will continue to dislike it until the party turns itself around.
Progress is an evolutionary process
03:13 PM on 10/03/2011
Not brainwashed just not stupid enough to vote against our own interests.
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07:24 PM on 10/03/2011
Hear! Hear! Every race has their less than stellar people in the smarts department. Here is where the law of averages come in and asks that very question. I am proud that we AAs have passed that test and it holds promise.
Logic is my religion
03:12 PM on 10/03/2011
Anyone that has seen any of Herman Cain's statements "no bill will be longer than three pages."
Oh and then we have "If I am President no Muslim will ever have a job in my cabinet"

And there are those of you who would elect this man, to one of the most powerful offices in the world. Really?

I generally believe that people on these forums should try to discuss their differentiating points of view respectfully without name calling. But when people seriously put forth a candidate like Herman Cain for President they have to be either mentally,socially, or morally challenged to say the least.

With the complexities of the world, who would seriously consider a man that says "No bills need to be longer than three pages" No way a logical,critically thinking person would think that would be acceptable.

Moving on to "If I am elected President no Muslim will serve in my administration" Seriously You are now breaking the EEOC law as President, Not hiring someone on the basis of their religious beliefs? Isn't "Religious Freedom one of their mantras in the GOP?. By endorsing his candidacy you are tacitly agreeing to his blatant discrimination against one group of citizens!

There are many statements made by Herman Cain he will never be able to walk back. How some of you could support a blatantly intellectually challenged, xenophobic, verbally obtuse idiot is beyond me.
PBO 332, WMR 206 Deal with it.
04:47 PM on 10/03/2011
If Unkle Ruckus entered the race at least one of the black candidates would not be an utter fool.
To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
02:11 PM on 10/03/2011
I guess Cain thinks the more outrageous his comments are, the more attention he'll get. Does he consider that will backfire at him? Being negative is not always the best way to get supporters, especially from your own race. I wonder what will happen if Perry said the same thing about white Democrats? Do these people think Americans do not have a mind of their own anymore?
02:06 PM on 10/03/2011
This is an opportunity for Black people in America to recognize just how brainwashed we really are. If Mr. Cain and others embraced the history of Black people in America, one would know the effects of "Willie Lynch" brainwashing is still alive.

Think about it! When slaves were brought to America against their will, that's when the brainwashing begin. They were not allowed to practice their faith, their customs, speak their language. They were taught the language, customs and faith of the oppressor. What was taught to them has been passed from generation to generation. But the difference between then and now is we can now read and write. Black people today choose to be brainwashed because we still allow ourselves to conditioned by the same oppressor that the slaves were forced to obey.

Once we, as a group of people stand strong together, questioned what has been taught and seek the truth, we will be a powerful people.

Mr. Cain forgot who the Dixiecrats were. They were racist Democrats who didn't want Civil Rights legislation passed. When they couldn't get their way, they changed to the Republican Party. That's the Republican party we have today. Also, Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign started in Philidelphia, Mississippi. Why would I want to become a Republican? The Democrats are the lesser of 2 evils! Everyday people don't select candidates to run for political office. The choice as to who runs for elected office is made by people with the money, honey!
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03:44 PM on 10/03/2011
F+F !
what is DEEPLY insulting to me is how the GOP talks down to black people. like we dont understand the historical changes of the parties hermain cain is NOT talking to black people, he is talking to white people and telling them what they want to hear.
04:33 PM on 10/03/2011
Thank you you hit the nail right on the head... Herman Cain doesn't give a damn about the black vote, he wants to set off his dog whistle hoping that the GOPTP will vote for him in the primary.
12:50 AM on 10/04/2011
01:59 PM on 10/03/2011
"History isn't necessarily a predictor of the future,"


Don't say that too loud to MLK and those who fought so hard so his black a** can talk the smack he does.
12:42 PM on 10/03/2011
And here comes the Tea Party tsunami....

The National Federation of Republican Women reports that the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza won their straw poll in a landslide, receiving a near majority of the 505 votes cast.

Cain received 48.9 percent of the votes, with Rick Perry placing a distant second and Mitt Romney placing third.
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03:38 PM on 10/03/2011
first among equal lessers
Our enemies are in the GOP.
01:35 AM on 10/04/2011
Tea party like it when their women go for black men!
12:08 PM on 10/03/2011
As a black man, I have echoed Cain's sentiment for years. Name one other racial group that votes upwards of 90% for one political party. Whites don't. Latinos don't. Asians don't. As a black Republican, I have been accused of "Trying to be White" by other blacks because I vote GOP. No other racial group faces such blind ignorance or racial stereotyping when choosing to vote. Look at every poor black neighborhood in this country from South Side Chicago to South Central L.A. to DC and you will see blacks voting decade after decade for Democrats yet school test scores decline, school drop out rates have increased, crime has increased, unemployment is skyrocketing and poverty is on a dramatic rise in these communities. The Dems have done nothing to help blacks because their votes are"in the bag" so therefore they can be ignored or even demeaned as Obama did in his recent "Stop Whinin" "Stop Cryin" speech to the CBC last week. The GOP gave up on obtaining the black vote because of this decades old 90% Dem voting rate and the Dems have stopped going after the black vote because it is a "done deal" and a waste of time and money go after something you will never lose. Look at how the Dems oppose school vouchers to deny poor blacks kids a good private school education (yet Obama sends his kids to private schools) because they would rather favor well funded teacher union lobbyists. The Dems in 2010 even cut food stamps for the poor which adversely affected blacks given skyrocketing unemployment and poverty in black neighborhoods. Yet, Dems know that blacks can't do anything about it because they are brainwashed into not voting GOP. The only way blacks can protect their interest is to make both parties go after their vote which means voting GOP every once in a while.
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12:37 PM on 10/03/2011
It seems that among Republican voters at present, the more people listen to Herman Cain and his ideas, the stronger his position and candidacy become. Meanwhile, the presumed Republican frontrunners are busy sniping at each other and watching their numbers shrink. It's proving to be an interesting campaign!
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03:37 PM on 10/03/2011
Cain is an radio talk show host? why on earth dont these clowns show what they can do in a political office like mayor, state senator or congressman first?
12:47 PM on 10/03/2011
Yeah, but this year we have Herman Cain!!! A black conservative who is being pushed to the top by the Tea Party (another group uinfairly tagged as r@clst).

This is a time of transformation. This is a time of a true black leader to bring our communities out of unemployment and back to work...out of the streets and back to of public assistance and back to dignity.

Our families need to stick together...Our Fathers need to take responsibility...Our children need to learn, grow, and build a better future for our grandchildren.

It's time for a CHANGE.

And Herman Cain is that CHANGE!!!
Progressive=Moving Forward.
03:23 PM on 10/03/2011
Yeah, because running a pizza shop is solid backing for a presidential campaign.

The only members of the GOP right now who can walk and chew bubble gum without spewing something racisit/sexist/illogical/historically inacurate/or down right ignorant are Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsmen. But Romney is a wetblanket and Huntsmen is way too left for the GOP nomination. Perry will probably pick up the primary nomination and then get crushed by Obama in a general
Maybe then the GOP will stop throwing up roadblocks once the realize they can't confine Obama to one turn and both parties can work together [which has not happened at all the last 3 years].

But long story short, Cain and Tea Party at large...yeah...pretty racist.
this micro-bio is a great idea!
03:35 PM on 10/03/2011
based on what? he has been running for "president" how long now? only entertainers run for the "presidency" without ever having been anything else. not even a city councilman.
Against stupidity the gods contend in vain
12:02 PM on 10/03/2011
I am Herb the Man Cain
and, Black people, I only want your votes
stay away from my mansion.
12:00 PM on 10/03/2011
Where is Herman Cain's family? After the debates, we always see the other candidates families walking around, greeting people and shaking hands. I have watched all of the debates to date, and after each one, Herb is walking around by himself looking lost.
11:47 AM on 10/03/2011
Yes, Herman Cain has a right to his opinion, but so does everyone else. Calling people "brainwashed" because they won't vote one's way or hold a different opinion is truly sad. America is a democracy and the last time I checked, all eligible voters, of whatever demographic, have a Constitutional RIGHT to vote as they choose. I am African-American and have voted for candidates from both major parties if I happened to like them as individuals, but the choices were MINE--no brainwashing here. Does Cain not understand that name-calling and belittling an entire demographic is the wrong way to influence people or change their minds?