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03:09 PM on 10/02/2011
1. Why do these protestors have to do things that get them arrested? This is just descending into the type of kitchen-sink protests you see at every G20 & IMF meeting. At least the Tea Party has peaceful protests and don't trespass, get arrested, etc. What is that accomplishing?

2. While I do sympathize with some of the points these protestors have, I'm going to predict that the OWS movement will fizzle out, without accomplishing much, if anything. It's one thing to protest in the streets, but it's MUCH harder to actually get the change you're requesting into legislation and passed through Congress, or to change regulations, reverse Supreme Court decisions, etc. And the financial world is incredibly complex, wonky stuff. Will these protestors take the time to educate themselves on these details? Bloomberg was pretty much right in his analysis.
progress is a process not an end result
03:26 PM on 10/02/2011
Don't you understand why the Tea Party is allowed to protest without being arrested?

How long is it going to take for you to figure it out.....this is something you need to seriously worry about. Until then you can continue to be a mouthpiece along with the others who simply don't get it.
04:36 PM on 10/02/2011
The police are all union members. They're all government employees. So you're saying that the police let Tea Party people engage in illegal activity during protests (in part) against excessive government employee compensation, but then shut down progressive protests that would actually HELP police & other public employees?

I don't buy into that conspiracy. I'm thinking these arrests are happening b/c the protestors are intentionally doing illegal things that will get them arrested. Maybe that's the idea, civil disobedience, but I'm doubting it's going to sway hearts & minds, versus just doing a regular protest or assembly within the law.
A liberal tree-hugging Oregonian...
03:38 PM on 10/02/2011
I'd like to answer your main question, Kevin, and in the spirit of this new call for civility, I will be 100% nonpartisan.

I don't believe these protesters did anything wrong; if you look at some of the video that is now on utube, you'll see what has been called a festival atmosphere. It looks as though the police were overly aggressive with some people, and their attempts to control the crowds led to pepper spray & the corralling of groups in pens. The arrests last night on the Brooklyn Bridge appear to be another one of those attempts to control.

I'm not sure why we can't agree that these protests are necessary, nor do I agree they will fail........something must be done to stop the buyout of our government. I don't know about you, but I don't want some corporation controlling what our politicians do, we elect them and we pay them well, they should work for all of us.

As for Citizens United.....yes, it will be a challenge, but we're up to it.
Ralph Gardner
04:14 PM on 10/02/2011
With $10 Trillion in corporate profit over the last 10 years and LESS jobs than we had 10 years ago we should get our 10 Trillion back! That's $100,000 per family that was used to send our jobs to China.
04:42 PM on 10/02/2011
Maybe it will lead to real change, if so great. I suppose people probably thought the Tea Party movement would fade away, but that, in large part, lead to the huge swing in the House & Senate in 2010. So maybe this movement will get enough steam to have a similar effect.

In some ways the Tea Party is started as a populist, anti-Wall Street movement as well. If you remember, it started during TARP, and people were opposed to their tax dollars going to bail-out Wall Street, investment banks, etc.
Just relax
02:57 PM on 10/02/2011
I have felt this way for years! Keeping us fighting over peanuts and they walk away with everything.
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02:55 PM on 10/02/2011
Love this article!

I'm an Independent. It's been hurtful to watch members of the two major parties attack one another. So much energy wasted on anger and frustration. So little time spent on the good things you've accomplished within your parties.

It was the Republicans who finally brought the Federal reserve to some accountability.
It was the Democrats who finally gave indentity freedom to the G&L in our military.
Both of these things are, in my opinion, very good for our nation.

We as a people, regardless of party affiliation, are demanding answers and seeking solutions. We can not afford to reject out of hand any idea based solely on source. Take the time to listen, ask questions and most importantly remember this - even the person you most disagree with, still shares your love of this country and wants things to better for your children as well as their own.
Ralph Gardner
04:35 PM on 10/02/2011
$10 Trillion in US corporate profits were made in the last 10 years and we have FEWER jobs in the US than 10 years ago. And it cost us $100,000 in profit taken out of every US family to have our jobs shipped to China.

58,000 factories were shipped to China over the last 10 years to take advantage of China's devalued currency which made everything 1/5 to 1/2 price in US dollars depending on the year.

We are used to the brand names that have moved to China and with their cost advantage from China's devalued currency US companies can not compete with them.

We still need clothes, shoes, appliances, toys for our kids, electronics and the like. What can we do?
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09:17 PM on 10/02/2011
We've started it in part. We've upset federal government complacency. We've begun to demand an accounting.

This is just an idea, but I would definitely legalize hemp again. We used to have a thriving industry that manufactured all kinds of things from hemp. AndI would definitely put a mandate/law that ONLY small independent farmers can grow it and ONLY small factories can develop it. Keep the already overfed big businesses out of it for a few years and let the cottage industries have a chance. Maybe bypass minimum wage and offer profit sharing in exchange for a short term period. Make in everyone's interest for the venture to be a success.

Lots of empty buildings in the cities and the banks have to pay local taxes on those buildings. There would be ways to promote urban farming co-ops in those buildings to provided shelter for homeless, learn a new trade and get fresh food to the population not only cheaper, but with a significant decrease in carbon footprint.

That's just two ideas. I bet you could think of more.
02:53 PM on 10/02/2011
Exactly! Right on and come together! This is the real struggle to get back to true American Foundational Values!
02:50 PM on 10/02/2011
As the Poster Boys of Reaganomics = Crony Capitalism the Koch boys are at the top of the list.

They want to eliminate regulations so they can do whatever they want. Why?

It's about to be exposed.
02:43 PM on 10/02/2011
There is no right or left.

No Democrat or Republican.

There is only one party, as David Sirota called it.

The Money Party.

What's needed is the anti-Money Party.

Just like the anti-Federalist.

But not with the same results.
02:42 PM on 10/02/2011
This is why I was upset with Obama for starting with health care! Wall street and what they did with their cronies in Congress was a unifying issue. It shows how beholden to corporate interests both parties are. A huge positive with this is it is NOT an Astroturf movement but a real I'm not going to take this anymore movement.
02:23 PM on 10/02/2011
I am all for starting the 21st century and there are many (rich old powerful farts who don't even remember why they are left of right.) I'm a Dem but cheered when the told Rangle to sit down and shut up. Start the Revolution
progress is a process not an end result
03:28 PM on 10/02/2011