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08:48 AM on 10/03/2011
The Mexican people do not believe they have an issue. It is a US problem because of the insatiable need for drugs. Chicken and the egg...
08:31 AM on 10/03/2011
Quick cure for US addiction is capitol punishment within 1 yr of a conviction in a new fast track drug court. With no loopholes included. Unless you count the loop in the noose around their necks.
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10:29 AM on 10/03/2011
I know of only one nation that executes drug addicts - China. Drug addiction kills only the user, prohibition makes the drug trade very highly profitable and is the root of the killings.
10:41 AM on 10/03/2011
We'll make sure to take extra taxes out of your paycheck to pay for all of those miscreants.
09:47 PM on 10/04/2011
Extra taxes for this would be a better use than paying those deadheads in D.C. that pass laws that cause many deaths and fail to deal with this drug problem that has become a cancer on America.
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08:01 AM on 10/03/2011
The hell with the middle-east and all the rest.
...the wolves are at the door, the front door...!
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07:50 AM on 10/03/2011
Is this what Rick Perry wants for our military?
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11:57 AM on 10/03/2011
Mexico can't stop the problem...they have a bunch of sold out police and politicans...your point is well taken. I think we should stay out of the war they are having in Mexico...the problem is keeping this war out of the USA.
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04:22 AM on 10/03/2011
Without ignoring the gravity of the situation, I wonder how the numbers compare to needless and tragic deaths occurring daily in Afghanistan and Iraq due to the US invasion and occupation of those countries?
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02:24 AM on 10/03/2011
Everyone knows it's the drug cartels and they should be treated like terroist organizations,which they are.Also the ones buying and using the drugs should be treated the same as they are supporting terrorism by buying the drugs.To me they are almost as bad because the drug users don't care who gets killed as long as they can get thier fix.
12:59 AM on 10/03/2011
Who cares about these animals? They are destroying their own country by murdering people and that is why so many tourists no longer travel to Mexico.. The are too stupid to realize that. As far as the drugs go, Americans are the cause and reason because of their addictions to drugs.
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04:25 AM on 10/03/2011
If you don't care, why do you bother to post?

Who is the "they" you refer to? The drug cartels fighting over the US market for drugs?
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11:46 AM on 10/03/2011
And I suppose you also don't care that, because drugs are illegal and therefore INSANELY PROFITABLE, Americans are highly motivated to cultivate more and more customers, including your kids.
12:51 AM on 10/03/2011
~~~ANY American that would travel to MX for vacation has to be a crazy.
12:18 PM on 10/03/2011
I used to go to Acapulco every February for 2 weeks, not going anymore. The Mexican tourism has to be suffering, the economy will diminish if they don't do something soon. Acapulco was a top spring break destination. They need to build some Marriotts, Hyatts, Holiday Inns, clear up this drug war so the cities can thrive again. I miss it. I could walk over to Wal-mart on Costera Miguel Aleman any time of day of night, never felt unsafe now I wouldn't go out of the hotel if I was even crazy enough to travel there
12:06 AM on 10/03/2011
I agree, we are just lucky that not so much of that goes on here, that we know of .. but it's terrible how people treat people .. but i am sure a lot of it is not just drugs, but prostitution and huma trafficing .. it is sad ..
11:01 AM on 10/03/2011
"That we know of" is the problem. While much of the country is telling the border states that illegal immigration is not a problem they are unaware of the increasing amount of violence and drugs that are rising as more illegals come into the country. I am not say everyillegal is a drug carrying cartel soldier, but unfortunately it is not possible to distinguish the good from the bad at 3am in the middle of the desert while the Border patrol is chasing them. They hide drugs in cars, pets, people, dead people, dead babies, and place you can think of and many you would not. The brutal and barbaric methods of torture and murder thsst the cartel use is horrific and working its way north. "that we know of" is very much like ingnorance is bliss. Educate yourselves on the situation
12:04 AM on 10/03/2011
Somehow the Mexis are making it all the way to CT and RI and I wonder HOW they r getting this far north without help??? My dentist has a Mexican working there and I refuse to allow her to touch me until I Know she is Legal.
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09:52 AM on 10/03/2011
I hope you never need your dentist for an emergency.
12:02 AM on 10/03/2011
I Know that beautiful town and this is a shame. Zihuatanejo was really a wonderful place back in the early 60's Before WE found it and ruined it by making it a Destination.
I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken !
02:20 AM on 10/03/2011
Obama is that you blaming America again.BTW if you hadn't made it your destination maybe it wouldn't be ruined would it!
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04:09 AM on 10/03/2011
Probably not.
09:00 AM on 10/03/2011
so the nasty people from grennwich CT go there and spend money and your dentist always likes to behead a dozen or more of innocent mexicans and get back to the states to whip their mexican gardner
11:49 PM on 10/02/2011
Why would American's want to continue to vacation down there? Not much different than traveling in the Middle East. Anyone still think a "virtual wall" is going to keep these murdering people out of our country? I can think of a great project that will create jobs and put American's back to work--How about we get moving on that wall we were promised.
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04:27 AM on 10/03/2011
The wall would be quite effective at keeping out cows and goats.
11:47 PM on 10/02/2011
its amazing to me how this adminstration sucks up to the president of mexico and doesn't demand their corruption and violence end before we have to take measures into our own hands. This has been way out of control for years now with no end in sight and as the mexicans flood across our borders and bring the violence with them still nothing is being done. Maybe obama needs to visit Laredo texas for a first hand tour of what happens to a town when the mexican drug cartels move in. Or better yet, send that looser from Homeland security, Napolitano, oh I forgot she said there wasn't a problem along the border.
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11:29 PM on 10/02/2011
Legalize marijuana in America and much of this violence will come to an abrubpt halt.
11:21 PM on 10/02/2011
I wish Mexican people/government would ask for an international help if they can't keep their country under control for a period long enough to be a threat to neighboring country(ies). I think it's time that everybody should try to think of a way to solve the problem, thinking of the possibility that any of us could have been born to some family in Mexico.