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09:59 AM on 10/03/2011
Hi Catherine. I can appreciate your concern over this. I'm not sure if you're aware, but that stupid term was created by young straight men (probably in rap music) as a sign of not wanting what they say to be depicted as if they're gay. For example, a straight man after saying "I love you" to another man would then say "pause, no homo" just so they're not thought of as being gay. It's a dumb practice that shows immaturity and a lack of confidence in their heterosexuality.
Catherine Ventura
11:42 AM on 10/03/2011
Hi Mike,
Thanks for your thoughtful comment. While it may feel harmless to the people using it though, just like "that's so gay", which also implies there is something "bad" or "wrong" about being gay, it is still hurtful and harmful to people who are born gay. Again, I'm not suggesting Twitter censor individual Tweets, just that they not "promote" use of the term by letting it sit in the Trending topics list, encouraging others to "join the fun".