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Takes being "moderated" personally
08:17 AM on 10/04/2011
The real way to take away a word's power is to not have it bother you. Shrug it off and go on with your life. There are more important things for us to come together and fight against and/or for.
08:16 AM on 10/04/2011
Thank you!!! I have been seething every time I hear the phrase "reclaiming the word." I also must agree with you that dressing cheaply has nothing to do with sexual empowerment.
A organization of transnational women
08:01 AM on 10/04/2011
Both AF3IRM and the Black Women's Blueprint have called attention to this fallacy of "re-claiming" a pejorative word. See AF3IRM's statement at
03:09 AM on 10/04/2011
Well, I guess the moderators didn't like my first post. So let me see if I can reword it to their liking. This protest is not for feminists or assault victims. It is to point out that there are still men in this world who think that a woman's appearance is all the excuse they need to assault her. And, that some of these men are in law enforcement. The message isn't being heard. At least these women are doing something to get it across.
04:36 AM on 10/04/2011
That's a very noble cause. The problem is that these young (and overwhelmingly white) women are distracting the public with their narcissism and exhibitionism. What ever happened to solemnity like the "Take Back The Night" marches? Oh that's right... that isn't "Facebook-friendly" where you can dress up in your favorite fishnet stockings and leather bustier for Facebook photos.
While no great friend to Feminism, I will never excuse rape, nor will I condone the hijacking of a serious message by a bunch of privileged prima donnas.
Thaag Tidestalker
Axial Tilt: the Reason for the Season!
05:24 AM on 10/04/2011
In other words, back under the burqa? What's wrong with exhibition? Oh wait, exhibition causes rape, I forgot. Only men can dress up outlandishly and show off. Got it.
10:12 AM on 10/04/2011
In what way are they privileged prima donnas? What exactly do you mean by that?
"Ideology is the Science of Idiots" John Adams
08:12 AM on 10/04/2011

But, unfortunately, this form of "protest" only plays into these kinds of men's stereotypes about women....and their sexist hostility.

If the goal is to command the respect of those who don't want to give it....walking around the streets in lengerie is really not the way to go about it.
12:30 PM on 10/04/2011
I don't think the goal is to command respect. The goal is to say you don't have the right to rape even though you have no respect. Men like that won't respect women no matter what they wear. Men like that will always harbor sexist hostility. Covering up and hiding only plays into their narcissism that they are in control and should be able to dictate how women behave and what they wear.
Please don't follow shiny objects.
09:38 PM on 10/03/2011
Doesnt do a damn bit of good either when you have DA's that wont charge rapist, because the woman didnt "fight" hard enough. Said they dont proscute rapist unless there is a weapon envolved or a women had to be hospitalized. (true story) I can see why wont report nowdays.
live more
09:24 PM on 10/03/2011
Good point although a tad one sided but a diferent and very clear perspective to ponder.
Kelley Harrell
Author and Modern Shaman
08:54 PM on 10/03/2011
Thank you!
08:10 PM on 10/03/2011
Some words are un-redeemable. But then again, only a privileged white feminist could possibly imagine that she is exempt from reality and consequences.
my micro-bio is 90 proof
11:36 PM on 10/03/2011
Keli, the best post this year! Thank you! I have to admit I kind of smirk about events like the "Slutwalk " because there is some humor and creativity there, but have mercy, the energy that goes into that event could literally change someone's life, if directed toward, say, an assault victim or a family member who is struggling to be supportive while in trauma themselves. The use of "slut "by young people as an everyday word now troubles me a great deal, especially when young women use it against each other. It used to mean the lowest of the low, an irrideemable life and a dead soul. Why don't we turn the tables and use it that way again? Meaning, we stop using it! Then we can get on with the real work of helpig survivors in the ways you mention.
03:05 AM on 10/04/2011
What exactly does that mean?
"Ideology is the Science of Idiots" John Adams
08:20 AM on 10/04/2011
I believe he is trying to (if inelegantly) make the argument that AFFLUENCE tends to insulate one from the worst aspects of prejudice.

IOW, prejudice and discrimination are very different beasts when you are affluent..and they are largely a humiliating inconvenience....and when you are working-class or poor...

...and they are a serious, recurring threat to one's survival and ability to access The American Dream.

A basic truth borne out by my own life experience as an African-American male.

Though I freely acknowledge that sexual violence is unique in that it cuts across all rungs of the soci-economic ladder---and is probably not a good example of the point he is trying to make---I do agree that there are more immediate battles that Feminism really needs to fight...

...and I agree with the blogger that walking around the streets in lengerie is probably not the best way to go about fighting this battle for equality.