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10:08 AM on 05/05/2008
I haven't seen the video, but given the way Hillary Clinton has conducted her campaign these past couple of months, two phrases come to mind:

1 - "Sauce for the Goose..."

2 - "He Who Lives by the Sword..."

If the tape was indeed doctored, then I would only be saddened by the fact that an Obama supporter has sunken to the level of the Clinton campaign.
09:15 AM on 05/05/2008
I saw the video and what I focused on was Stephanopoulos shaking his head as Kantor was whispering, The question I have to ask is why is he shaking his head, seems he was trying to tell him not to say what he was saying my 2cents
09:14 AM on 05/05/2008
Canada has a tax credit you file with your tax return for all those unemployed and looking for work, or working. It is approx. $500 per year, also has a credit for children to do physical sports, exercise, training, basically anything involvement physical activities to help children with obesity or reaching obesity. Also rent, a small amount you can claim for your yearly rent paid.

Talk with your candidate, mayor, governor. Unless, you the people speak up, nothing will change. If Hillary Clinton and McCain thought this was a great idea for gas tax....why in the last few month's before election are they pandering this to you if it were not selling or buying your vote. Think about it.

And why are the poor, disabled, mental health issues, never talked about. Because the largest population to vote for her would be the block of middle class.
09:03 AM on 05/05/2008
I AGREE; their is nothing new Hillary Clinton can say. Same tired speech, same pandering to the 'middle class', same old actor Hillary. Vote for Obama, he's got the honesty, integrity, endurance, down to earth approach. He will make the 'middle class' stronger, the poor have advocate's and service's available to them. He will give America it's dignity back, and globally speaking this is the #1 issue. The Clinton's sold out America, they are the 'elitist' from the working class they took, and took, and took. They are disliked thru out the world. they were irrisponsible against terrorism in the 90's, putting unqualified freinds as Secretary of State, National Security advisor, the entire Administration were either Wellesly freinds or Arkansas thugs.

Jeremiah Wright, not an issue. Bill Ayres, not an issue. Tony Rezko, not an issue. Why? Hillary Clinton's dealings and association's with these three people, plus many other's in the political system on her team, were dealing with the Clinton's for decades, before Obama came into the picture.

05:45 AM on 05/05/2008
They lie, because they all find it difficult to tell the truth. The Clinton camp is basically the same personalities from Arkansas, do anything to win. The problem for them, they have no conscience, so it is fair to say, to them, we are stupid. They have distorted way of looking at the world. Everyone in thier camp is dishonest, ugly and destructive. They really are stupid, not changing their m/o they are the same one's stuck in the 60's. That's why their dangerous. That's why the public has no faith in them, but blind leading the blind, thier angry, they just don't see what we see. I do feel sorry for the lot of them, not enough to have them in any office though.
12:50 AM on 05/05/2008

Barack Obama has rebounded in the polls and he now leads McCain 51% to 40% in a new CBS/New York Times poll today. Check out the article and poll here:

12:59 AM on 05/05/2008
pretty obvious which camp this sleez came from..Go Rock!!
12:09 AM on 05/05/2008
I get a kick out of all of you who ASSUME this video is a fake just because the networks aren't giving it air time.

I didn't see any of you questioning the authenticity of the Wright video when FOX and CNN played it over and over to buy their candidate some cred.

'Furthermore, the director of The War Room, D.A. Pennebaker, also says the clip was doctored, but added as an update to that Politico piece, they say they spoke to the editor of the video who said that he "enhanced, BUT DIDN'T ALTER, the audio in the second portion of the video."'

UH, OH...
09:54 AM on 05/05/2008
How about because you can't really understand what he is saying? I'm sure it suits your purposes to frame it as an insulting statement, but all you really hear is very soft, garbled words. Don't you have more serious issues to discuss?
06:35 PM on 05/05/2008
Excuse me hinnis, I can really understand what he said, and that was, "Indiana, those people are shit".

And I cleary hear him apologizing right after saying it, with that Deer in the Headlights Look all over his face.

As far as Serious Issues, I'd love to debate the substance of Hillary Clinton's PHONY gas tax holiday. The way she talks if the people of NC and IN vote for her it's a done deal. What are these people going to do when she's not able to "Deliver the Goods"? And believe me, she won't be able to deliver them! It takes more than two Senators (McCain and Clinton) to get a Bill through Congress and even if it were to happen, there is no way GWB would ever sign it into Law.

But it is difficult to discuss Serious Issues when the only thing a Clintonite can talk about is what some Preacher said.
11:46 AM on 05/05/2008
if BHO or any of his staff had been caught in such a video, it would have played all weekend long and still would be playing during the elections tomorrow. It would never have mattered as to whether it was authentic.
01:36 PM on 05/05/2008
LOL... My kid sister used the same argument each time she got caught doing something outrageous! It didn't help her out either!
10:44 PM on 05/04/2008
Ya hear that Indiana? The Clinton camp said you people are nothing but SH*T !
10:02 AM on 05/05/2008
It's interesting that there are several such videos on YouTube. The one which is probably being circulated by Obama's camp has subtitles, to suggest what is saying, but the other one does not have subtitles. If you view what the video without the subtitles, there is no way you can tell what Kantor is saying, when he is allegedly saying the "N" word." Very deceptive politics from the politician of "change."
01:20 PM on 05/05/2008
Have you been sleeping through the whole Clinton campaign?
10:36 PM on 05/04/2008
Sounds like something the dopey Obama campaign would be behind. Still dragging the Clinton years into Hillary's campaign for President.

How predictable and How despicable of them.
Just the FACTS, Por Favor!
11:06 PM on 05/04/2008
Why blame the Obama campaign. The Clintons have many enemies. The is not Obama's style. He could have blasted Clinton with the "facts" many times, yet he refuses to do so. This did not come from the Obama camp.
01:51 PM on 05/05/2008
It's just cognitive dissonant! They'll never see what you're talking about!
11:38 PM on 05/04/2008
This is definitely not Obama-like. There are plenty of real issues and real challenges he could hit her with. He doesn't have to make up dumb videos. We don't know who made up the video and there is no evidence to suggest it was someone from the Obama camp.
08:31 PM on 05/04/2008
this is the 2nd sentence, and it ends with "nig***" before he says "look at texas".

this was posted earlier in the comments of this story.
08:44 PM on 05/04/2008
Wow, I almost heard it. Give it up; its a sham.
10:13 PM on 05/04/2008
Nah, I didn't hear the "N" word, but I damn sure heard him say the people of Indiana were "shit"!
08:54 AM on 05/05/2008
I could not say positively what he said when he turned his head down and made his remarks real quietly. But there is no doubt in my mind that he called the people of Indiana "shit." That could not have been doctored in any way. The fact that he apologized to the camera person for the first remark, and then tried to hide what he was saying the second time is pretty obvious that he made the N remark also. Within seconds everyone found something else to do and got away from him. Left him standing there looking like a jerk.
Why is it that Ed Schultz was the only one who talked about this on Friday? The Clinton's have such a stranglehold over the media from all of their experience in hiding the truth, lying, Friday dumps of bad stories. Heck, that's where Bush learned it from and improved on the policy.
I can't stomach anything Clinton anymore. if they come on the screen, I change the station. Please go away.
Wait..let me get the popcorn...the show is about t
07:11 PM on 05/04/2008
It should not suprise anyone that even with the taped evidence Hillary supporters are still trying to make people think that M. Kantor didn't say s***. He said it...he called the people of Indiana S***. Can you imagine a WH run by these people?
My micro-bio is no longer empty.
10:28 PM on 05/04/2008
Imagine if this guy were a Barack Obama adviser and was caught on tape saying such things. Can you imagine the corporate media outcry? The corporate media operatives like Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews, and their ilk would be having a field day with this story and would parse the statements every which way to undermine Barack Obama.

It is high time for us to wake up and see that our corporate media is nothing more than a nefarious propaganda machine.
11:01 PM on 05/04/2008
Yeah, it would be terrible, if it really happened.
Just the FACTS, Por Favor!
11:08 PM on 05/04/2008
Amen. They are still running Rev. Wright 24/7. I smell a rat.
06:43 PM on 05/04/2008
Yeah, Hillary is so caring towards the working class, in her own words, "Rich people, God bless us. We deserve all the opportunities to make sure our country and our blessings continue until the next generation." In other words, to hell with the rest of you.
08:26 PM on 05/04/2008
Your statement and the video you posted is so disingenuous it's pitiful. If you watched the whole interview, which I did, she was making a joke. O'Reilly was griping about the additional tax burden which may be imposed on the rich under a Clinton Administration, and Hillary was saying that it is a small price to pay for all that this country has given them.

These are the kind of posts that really poison the political waters.
08:46 PM on 05/04/2008
They are called remember the ones from Jremiah Wright? You are RIGHT for you have been poisoned! I don't watch FOX News...but the video is no longer available...something is working in her favor. I just bet the Wright videos are still available!
10:17 PM on 05/04/2008
Sorry Hinnis, I watched the interview too and there was no doubt the she said what she said and she meant every word of it...Rich People, God Bless Us.

And it wasn't a joke because she followed it with her blurb about leaving some of that prosperity for future generations.
05:04 PM on 05/04/2008
Clinton advisor clearly said " Those people are Shit", replay the video and read his lips, CNN and other MSM wanted to clear this message up for the Clinton's Campaign, Yet they constanly took the Rev. Wright sermons out of content to make Sen Obama look bad, OOH YEAH MSM must keep this campaign going they keep asking WHY CAN"T OBAMA CLOSE THE DEAL, with all the help Sen, Clinton is getting from MSM and SNL FOX News, ABC, CBS, Chris Matthews Sean Hannity etc..,
he is campaigning against all of them, MSM is so fake I wish the Voting American would open their eyes and start reading between the lines.
06:48 PM on 05/04/2008
Yes...he said it! I would love to be a fly on the wall inside Hillary's camp, especially when non of her black supporters are there. I want see the papers that will be filed to accuse the person that leaked this video of slander! No slander here...he said it, just like Hillary told them to "screw em" when she was talking about the WHITE BLUE COLLAR workers that did not support her husband in Kentucky...THIS IS NOT A DOCTORED CLIP...and they know it. North Carolina, and Indiana...they are coming after the small minded people...the Hillary camp thinks you are dumb!
10:26 PM on 05/04/2008
Seriously, if Kantor didn't call the people of Indiana shit, why did he apologize? After saying those people are shit, he says oh, excuse me.

And after watching this thing again, it does appear he says how'd you like to be a worthless white "N-r"
04:29 PM on 05/04/2008
why, with clinton AHEAD in indiana, would kantor call hoosiers "shit"? you don't have to be a voice expert to hear that he says "shitting", not "shit". and then some people think cantor called anybody a white nigger with a camera 3 feet away, after he just acknowledged the camera's presence? what does make sense is that he was saying "those people [in bush's white house] are shitting." as in shitting because clinton was ahead in dan quayle's home state. and then it also makes sense that kantor was saying "how'd you like to be in the white house right now?" as in "how'd you like to be a fly on the wall in the white house right now". this story is internet trash.
10:36 PM on 05/04/2008
How about this was made back when Kantor was Bill Clinton's Campaign Manager in 1992.

But he is a Senior Advisor to Hillary.

And even if it was said, 15 years ago, it goes back to mind set and association.

Clinton has said she wouldn't stay in Jeremiah Wright's Church, that you can choose your Church you can't choose your family. Well, I'd like to ad one to that, YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS ALSO! You can also choose who you pay to help run your campaign.

Looks like Mickey has balanced the Rev. Wright scale back to level.

And in closing, if Kantor didn't call the people of Indiana shit, why did he apologize? If he really did say the "People in the White House are shitting" that wouldn't require an apology, would it? Especially after Georgie Porgy and James Carville run around saying fuck this and fuck that and calling people all kinds of names.
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03:52 PM on 05/04/2008
Of course, Hillary supporters immediately think that Obama is behind this, because this is exactly the kind of thing Hillary does all the time. So, you can dish it out, but you can't take it, Hillary? Maybe the heat in the kitchen is getting too hot for you.
10:37 PM on 05/04/2008
LMFAO...She never did learn to bake cookies did she...LMFAO