Help from the Other Side -- The Case of the Missing Mother

07/18/2012 10:03 am ET | Updated Sep 17, 2012

People think when a loved one crosses to the Other Side they are gone forever. But the deceased love nothing better than to involve themselves in our lives. One of the main ways they do this is in helping us find things -- from a pair of missing sunglasses, to lost house keys, to our life's purpose. There's no object or mission too large or too small for their attention, so long as it's important to us.

A lady came to me for a reading and told me she was adopted. She'd struggled all her life with wanting to know the truth of her past. Her adoptive mother was a doll, my client adored her and would never have wanted to do anything that might hurt her feelings, and she knew that the subject of her birth mother was a sensitive spot for her adoptive mother, so she knew better than to push the issue with her. When her mother passed away, she knew this was information that was possibly lost to her forever.

When I did her reading, the name Lou came up. I asked her, "What does this mean to you, the name 'Lou'?"

She began to cry and then explained to me that after her mother died she had come to my client in many dreams, showing her a house -- one they'd visited often, years ago, and that she knew her daughter would remember -- and people they'd known who they had lost contact with in the intervening years. Her mother kept trying to tell her something about that house. Her mother had been friends with the people who lived there and she had a good number of memories of playing there as a little girl. She recalled a back yard with what had seemed to her many garages, filled with all kinds of junk. She remembered a sweet lady with two kids, a boy and a girl. She knew that this lady and her mother had been friends and she remembered that the youngest child, the girl, who was about her own age, had been called "Lubee." Her own family had moved away from this neighborhood and the two families had lost touch.

My client told me she was sure that her mother was trying to send her a message -- she had to find that family, but she didn't know why. She had to find Lubee -- this was the only name she had.

She went back to the neighborhood only to discover that that family no longer lived there. She found a lot of folks, but none knew where this family was today. Then, in what seemed to her a stroke of luck -- but I might suggest was at the nudging of spirit -- she went into a local deli and there she did meet someone who remembered the family and was able to tell my client where the daughter, Lubee, lived.

My client went to the house and knocked on the door, and Lubee did indeed answer. My client was reluctant to give any details of how she came to look her up -- that her mother seemed to be urging her in her dreams -- but just said, "Please tell your mother that I want to talk to her."

Some time later, she got a call from Lubee, telling her that not long after her visit Lubee's mother had passed away. But, Lubee said, "My mother told me to tell you if you asked ... Do you want to know who your mother is?" "Yes, please!" my shocked client replied. Lubee went on to explain that her mother had been a relative of theirs, and gave her all the details. She was delighted to discover that she and Lubee, the little girl she'd played with long ago, were related -- she had family she'd never known of before.

The dead do want to help us in any way they can. If you are a writer or musician, they may be able to provide you with the perfect turn of phrase of line of melody. In a bookstore, they may nudge you toward a volume you need, even before you know you need it. They can help you find the solution to a problem you have. When there is something we need their help may come in what we think of as a "hunch" or sudden inspiration, or "something just told me to go back and look again." (I call that someone not something.) One drawback is that the dead have no sense of our time so their help may come at an inconvenient hour -- like the middle of the night -- and we can find ourselves wide awake with a thought they've put in our head. Best to keep a small notebook and pen on your bed table so you can just write it down, go back to sleep and consider their input in the morning.