06/03/2013 11:48 am ET

Summer Style Trend: Embroidery

Embroidery is said to date back to the fifteenth century, and initially arrived in fashion as a means to repair and reinforce clothing with various stitching, string and yarn. If necessity is truly the mother of all invention, this handicraft is an example.

It's not a surprise that designers and crafters have taken it to the level they have since its early inception. Embroidery over the ages and decades has ranged from the elaborate to the very simple in design, adopted by royalty in kingdoms and castles over the centuries to pretty placement in everyday, modern world.

This season, it is back in a big way in both home and fashion style. With fashion, its a throwback to the timeless classic of embroidery on lightweight, easy and breezy fabrics such as cotton, gauze and linen. Stitching keeps an equal nod to the classic with bold red, yellow and royal blue on white materials, or white and light tone thread and yarns on soft pastels and other colors. A chic and loose fitting top in a comfortable, breathable cotton or gauze with effortless denim and city sandals plays on the trend with an updated vibe. Summer jackets, coats and shawls or wraps are also options. You'll find plenty of this style staple on accessories such as handbags, wallets, totes and even footwear this summer, as well.

In home, embroidery leaps off the usual tapestry, kitchen towel or table cloth to new areas and avenues that go beyond the common. Poufs and ottomans are turning up in home decor with embroidered detailing, ranging from stark contrast of red and white to more intricate combinations. Drapery and window dressings are also incorporating embroidery in, with soft white threads on crisp and clean sheer and lightweight fabrics. It creates enough coverage for privacy in homes and apartments but allows a little light in for a pretty look.

After a season of rich, heavy and thick fabrics and deep, dark tones, this is one trend that brightens up the coming summer months and the cool thing is, it can be had within virtually any budget and at any price point.

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