The Coolest Baby Gear From The 2013 Plush Show For Moms

06/24/2013 01:12 pm ET

Baby gear has become high tech and high style, and there is no better place to scout what's new than a show dedicated to just that. The 2013 Plush show was held in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and featured all that was new and next in products of all kinds for babies, parents and kids.

The infusion of technology and innovation was everywhere. Strollers were perhaps the most notable with styles that incorporate running lights, dashboards and automatic features that allow opening and closing without hassle. The Origami stroller by 4moms offers all three, plus the ability to charge your smart phone, a range of odometers and thermometer -- all in a cozy and stylish seat that cradles little ones which can be custom styled with accessories.

Bottles have also had a high-tech update with unique and intuitive features and materials. Joovy's collection puts a modern spin on the classic plastic with BPA, phthalate and lead-free construction and features designed to help transition from natural to bottle feeding more easily. Pura Stainless skips plastic all together for an ultra-sleek, cool stainless steel collection that has a bunch of different nipple styles to choose from. Its designed to grow with baby including transitioning to a sippy cup and snack holder with a few attachments.

In fact, products that can transition were a continuing trend. Boon's collapsible bathtub doesn't just fold up and hang dry, but can accommodate from infant to toddler use. Leander's chic and stylish cribs go from baby to junior age, including the ability to adjust the crib as baby is able to sit, stand, climb, etc. as well as turn into a toddler bed.

Innovation wasn't just limited to furniture and gear. Cloud 8's range of stuffed animals help lull babies and kids back to sleep with sound, work as night lights and all kinds of other cool things. Everything from dishes and toys, to bath products and shampoos, have gotten a modern twist with natural and chemical-free materials and ingredients. Love Mae's sweet collection of dishes was a favorite.

It's not to say there weren't plenty of timeless classic items that haven't changed a bit. Slings, swaddle blankets, crib sheets and other favorites were equally everywhere. When it came to artwork for little ones, Luca & Company's pieces were just adorable, and stylish enough to easily transition from infants to grade school age.