Winter Beauty Fix: Keep Skin, Hair and Nails Summer Soft During The Cold Months

02/09/2015 04:33 pm ET | Updated Apr 10, 2015

Baby it's cold outside! As winter season continues to bring snow, ice and cold temperatures, it also brings dry air and other elements that can be very hard on the hair, skin and nails. But, you can completely transform the skin to summer luster in the winter months. It's all about your routine, and the products you use.

For the hair, coconut oil can help with dryness and damage. Slather it on your locks and leave it on overnight with a shower cap. Not Your Mother's Luster Lock is another cult favorite. For cleansing, Klorane's mango butter shampoo does the job while babying your tresses. If you dry or use hot tools, a heat protectant is essential!

Coconut oil is also great for skin and nails. Coat yourself head to toe at night after a warm shower or bath -- it can be a little greasy for day-to-day use, though experiment. Either way, go with a beauty variation versus the traditional cooking selection for this item. Almond oil can be awesome in the shower -- apply to the skin after washing, leave on a few minutes and rinse, or hop out and towel off with the product on your skin.

Bio-Oil is also great for the nails. Put a dab on your cuticles every few days or so. Some use it on the face but test it and try -- it can clog or cause breakouts depending on your skin.

You'll also want to arm yourself with a good body scrub -- Fresh sugar scrub is a classic, but budget-friendly Body Shop works really well too. Just be careful not to use too much -- according to some skin experts, the skin can breakdown with exfoliating too often. Do it once a week to keep skin soft and smooth.

For the face, a good cleanser is everything during the winter months -- you do not want anything that's too drying when it's cold out. Fresh soy cleanser is a Condiment editor favorite. It smells great and keeps pores clear. A face scrub is also a great essential -- but again use it once a week or so only. Say Yes To has some really great budget-friendly options.

Though in terms of skincare for the face, you should always consult an expert or do a little homework beforehand because different products work differently for different people. If you can get a sample from a store like Ulta or online, definitely try before you buy to see how the product works with your skin.

Most of all, keep moisture in the air at home during cold months -- even if you are not feeling the effects, a great humidifier can help a ton with keeping dryness at bay for skin, hair and nails. Be sure to always cover up outside -- scarves, hats and gloves don't just provide warmth but protect your skin, hair and nails from winter's harsh elements, too.