06/09/2015 05:44 pm ET | Updated Jun 09, 2016

You Can Totally Wear Bright Makeup This Summer -- Here's How!

After being cooped up all winter (not to mention the gray skies and cold weather), it's no surprise really that we all seem gravitate toward bright things come summer. Eye candy takes on a whole new level when all you've been looking at are bare trees and monotone colors for an entire six months. Even the most neutral-toting, pared-down-wearing minimalist types start grabbing for something with a bit of pigment. Let's not forget all the fashions that come into the picture. Bold, bright, colorful are the signature elements of summer time.

And yes, this has equally transformed to beauty products of all kinds, too. Pop polish on the nails, big hues on the lips. Sun-kissed looks for the cheeks and face, even eyes leap into the frays of this trend that circles back once warm weather rolls in.

Of course, with this perennial rainbow of color that ushers in, we all wonder what we can, can't or shouldn't pull off. With fashion, it can be easy -- when in doubt on a tone, wear it away from the face. Or shuttle it down to accessories.

But makeup and nail polish? Not so much. Colorful beauty products can be every bit of appealing come summer time. But unlike their fashionable counterparts, we're talking about color not just against but on the skin, and if it's not directly on the skin, it's pretty darn close.

Alas, it is actually easier than it might seem with the right products and colors for the job. Here's how:

Bright nails: Perhaps the easiest way to work the bright beauty trend, electric nail polish tones can be a simple, nondescript and relatively low-key option compared to other beauty options. Pinks and corals tend to be the easier of the color wheel so go with something in this range if you're not sure about anything bolder. Yellow pulls in as a solid second to this, followed by bright blues. Dial up the intensity depending on how daring you want to be. Bright greens, oranges and purples can be a bit more challenging, depending on tone. Try a range to avoid anything garish. Neon is also popular this year. When in doubt, put color on the toes and keep the hands more neutral. Check out Butter London, China Glaze and Deborah Lippman this year -- all three have a great mix of big color in collections.

Bold Blush: Amp the sun-kissed look of the traditional easy pinks and bronzy colors with a pop tone on the apples of the cheeks. For cheeks and face, the color beauty trend tends to be the most limited. You'll mostly find ranges of coral and pink, from the brightest pastels to the broadest jolts, but little else. So get to makeup counter and experiment a bit. The key with bright blush is to keep it to the apples of the cheeks, chin and forehead -- it doesn't translate as well when used to contour. Nars has a fantastic handful of incredible bright blushes.

Big Eyes: The color beauty trend is likely the most challenging when it comes to the eye area, and rightfully so. Between the direct contact to the skin and obvious look of a bold color on the eye, it can be intimidating even for the most seasoned or ambitious beauty lover. If working a shadow and you're not certain, keep it to the base of the eyelid versus to the brow. A trace of a bright liner on just the top lid at its base is also an easy way to play on this trend in a subtle manner. Mascara is also an option for bright color play if you are open to something a little unexpected. Sephora has a great selection of eye colors across the spectrum.

Pop Lips: Last, but not least, colorful lips are a summer go-to. As with most dynamic color makeup items, corals and pinks are the easiest to use. But don't be afraid to experiment! You'll find orange, purple, and even green and blue! If unsure yet want to play, try a gloss, tint or stain versus a traditional lipstick. Nyx and Stila have plenty of good options.

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