05/27/2010 11:55 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Lost Without Lost

I admit -- I am among the millions of people around the world who devoured the ABC drama Lost every night it was on for six seasons. It is a good feeling to know I shared such an experience with the world wide community. It is also a good escape from my daily round of military, political, diplomatic, and tragedy news.

I thought the ending was good, and actually cried during it. As an animal lover, I was broken up when the golden lab lay down to comfort Jack in his (apparently) dying moments. For me, the ending was satisfying. It seemed to show the possibility of reunion with loved ones, if you strived hard enough to survive in the other world. Of course, there were ruthless killings, torture, and suffering in the way they survived. But, the end was dramatic, touching, and optimistic.

We all are lost, and that is the message of the series. But there is also the possibility of being found, redeemed, and resurrected. There was plenty of philosophy and technology to discuss. But that was not what hooked me on Lost. It was the great drama, acting, writing, scenery, and writing. I will miss my weekly visits to the beautiful island, which is actually the breathtaking state of Hawaii.

Other long running television series are ending this week, but will live on forever on the internet, cable TV, DVDs, and all forms of social media. Hopefully they will be replaced with other excellent forms of scripted drama, and not just with less expensive "reality" shows. But Lost has now taken its place with Mash, Twilight Zone, Dallas, and other great dramatic series of the past. I will keep thinking of Lost and look forward to seeing its stars on other series.

Now, break away from the TV for awhile, and enjoy the outdoors! --- Connie Lawn