03/24/2011 03:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Vail -- Best Days!

Connie Lawn with Charles Sneiderman

Wednesday was our best day yet. The sky was a perfect shade of blue, the sun was bright, the weather fine (in the forties), and the groomed snow was fast and smooth. This more than compensated for the hurricane-force winds which had swept parts of Colorado earlier in the week (causing brush fires in some areas).

Charles and I cruised down numerous freshly groomed trails. I could not get enough of Simba, Bwana, Born Free, and Avanti. Charles also checked out the Game Creek bowls trails, but I wanted to stay away from as many roads and catwalks as possible, and stick to the wide, sweeping runs. Despite the perfect weather and spring break, the crowds were manageable and we never waited more than a minute or so at any lift. Many of the visitors were racing or watching the Korbel ski races, which began on Wednesday.

At the end of the day, Charles and I luxuriated in a couples massage at the Cascade Aria Spa in the Resort. This is not as kinky as it sounds -- the only weird thing is walking the hotel corridors in the white robes provided by Vail Cascade. But many people do it -- it is a badge of honor. Once inside the modern spa, we were assigned lockers which contained slippers and even softer robes. We then went to relax in the large, candle-lit meditation room, and sipped wine and fruit smoothies. Tilly Blake and Dee Personett emerged from the warm massage room, where Charles and I lay under warm sheets on two separate beds. We enjoyed the ministrations of their powerful hands to a background of classical music and time just stopped. We had both thought that an hour was way too long for a massage but our muscles told our brains to go somewhere else and come back. Those muscles said, you worked us all day, now it's our happy hour. The massage was particularly helpful to me because I have developed Parkinson's disease this year, and my muscles are constantly fighting one another in addition to fighting those heavy ski boots (when is the ski industry going to learn to develop boots that are light, people-friendly, and not torture chambers? No wonder more people turn to snowboarding!) Tilly told me she has done work with some patients who have lost limbs, or suffer from a variety of ailments, as I do. The sessions were truly therapeutic and relaxing. I did not even want to get into the shower or hot tub after, because it was so nice to let the soothing oils soak into my body and soul.

Great preparation for more skiing ahead. Thank you all!