12/02/2010 03:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kenzo: Fashion in Motion (VIDEO)

Creative Director of Kenzo, Antonio Marras talks to in the wake of Kenzo as the latest addition to the Fashion in Motion series put on by the Victoria & Albert Museum. Fashion in Motion hosts a selection of catwalk shows taken from the collected archives of celebrated labels. In this latest feature, shown on November 12th, Kenzo celebrated its 40th anniversary with a compilation of signature pieces chosen by Antonio Marras.

Founded in 1970 by Kenzo Takada, the eponymous label enjoyed a rise to international fame under his watchful eye as creative director for three decades until his retirement. Constantly pushing boundaries with his "East meets West" aesthetic, the fashion scene was introduced to Japanese inspired patterns infused with old-world Parisian charm. Under Marras, who joined Kenzo in 2003 first as a footwear designer and then finally as Creative Director in 2008, the label experienced a resurgence of sorts with his own take on the bold and creative prints that made Kenzo so influential in the worldwide fashion sphere.

Here the designer discusses how he has put his own influence into Kenzo's collections yet still stayed true and consistent with the original ethos. Hailing from a Sardinian background Marras explains to how his inspiration, born from the idea of a Japanese girl visiting Sardinia for the first time, evolved into a fusion of the different styles and silhouettes of the two cultures:

"Kenzo is the union of different cultures, the melange of different countries that are condensed into an encounter between people, which seem diametrically opposed but are unified and embraced in one single woman".

The muted, floating layers splashed with pinpricks of bold color show this melding together with an ethereal quality of being caught between two places. Coming together with bolder graphics, teetering headpieces and intricate embellishment, the catwalk was awash with theatrical display. This Sardinian influence brings a personal element to the current designs and refreshes the label, while Marras's contemporary touches still maintain in keeping with Kenzo's strong roots and history to showcase a timeless and eternal collection.

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