In Conversation with The Sartorialist (VIDEO)

10/20/2011 01:05 am ET | Updated Dec 19, 2011

Scott Schuman, the man behind The Sartorialist, wanted to communicate how he felt about fashion. In 2005, armed only with a digital camera, his street style shots opened a two-way dialogue between the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. Schuman pioneered fashion photography in blog form and today has built up a successful business.

The goal of the site has always been to, in his words, "shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people." His sharp eye for the stylish has also seen him photograph fashion icons like Karl Lagerfeld. In 2006 he was hired by Vogue's official website to shoot a series of collections in such exotic locales as London, Paris and Milan.

In 2009 Penguin published an anthology of his images that has sold well over 100,000 copies to date and has been translated into various languages. Its limited-run Bespoke Edition sold out in less than three months.

Schuman's longevity in the blogosphere is as a result of his diversity. His talents include shooting campaigns and editorials. His success also comes from his prints, the release of his photos in different magazines and from making personal appearances.

Despite the constant emergence of new fashion bloggers, Schuman's blog still has a large readership. Read by over 70,000, his integrity and life experience ensures the loyalty of his audience and the continuation of quality shots capturing the quintessential person.

Text by Natasha Seagrove for App now available for Nokia devices from the OVI Store