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Village Reporters

(0) Comments | Posted January 19, 2012 | 10:00 AM

This past summer 10 American moms, including me, went with the ONE Campaign to Kenya to learn, firsthand about U.S.-funded programs in Africa benefitting mothers and children.
One of our first visits was to a maternal and child health program outside Kisumu, Kenya called the Lwak Nutritional Center, where...

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Higher Peace

(0) Comments | Posted July 29, 2011 | 5:04 PM

From July 25 through July 30, anti-poverty advocacy group ONE is joining 10 bloggers who are making their way through Kenya to see what life is really like for moms in the developing world. Follow along and check their progress at

Oasis is one of the first...

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Moms Call In the Vote

(0) Comments | Posted November 4, 2008 | 3:44 PM

Right now on dozens of moms (also dads, kids, families, grandmas, aunts, caregivers and someday-moms-to-be) from across the country are calling in and leaving voice recordings about their vote.

Moms Call In the Vote has, in a few short hours, become an amazing combination of citizen mom...

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An Open Letter To Nickelodeon And The Disney Channel

(29) Comments | Posted December 19, 2007 | 11:12 AM

Today, when my kids arrive home from school, I predict the first thing they will want to talk about is the fact that Zoey 101 is going to have a baby.

And then the questions will start. "Mom, isn't she in like 9th grade?" "Mom, Jamie Lynn...

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BlogHers Act: How 11,000 Women Bloggers are Organizing to Save the World

(0) Comments | Posted June 14, 2007 | 5:45 PM

Last week launched BlogHers Act, a year-long initiative to harness the incredible power of women online. BlogHers Act will take on two things:

1. Making a difference on a single global cause.
2. Identifying the top four issues that women online want the U.S. presidential candidates...

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Growing up in the Digital World of Wonder and Peril

(1) Comments | Posted February 18, 2007 | 11:16 AM

My oldest child turns 10 next month. All she wants is a cell phone and Internet access. Not gonna happen this birthday, but someday soon it will.
I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how online communities work.
mmm Since 2004, a friend and I have...

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Accept the Fact That Kids Fly Too, and Move On

(16) Comments | Posted January 25, 2007 | 1:36 PM

I know first hand how angry people get about the subject of kids on planes. A couple years ago, when I wrote (what I thought to be) a light-hearted op-ed for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about traveling with my four young children by air, not only did I get ferocious...

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Fearless Voices - Mothers Who Spoke Up in 2006

(1) Comments | Posted December 25, 2006 | 10:52 PM

Maybe it is my own growing awareness, but, it seems to me, that 2006 was the year mothers spoke up louder than ever before. There are four mothers this year who have especially stayed on my mind for their voices, fearlessness and strength.

Kiki Peppard, with the...

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Single Women Rock the Vote!

(11) Comments | Posted November 9, 2006 | 12:54 PM

Generation Change

No wonder Rush was scared.

After running the brilliant "Remember Your First Time" GOTV campaign aimed at single women , Women's Voices. Women Vote. is reporting that single women were the single largest change-voters in the country.

Yep, more than any other group, unmarried...

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Children of Hypocrites

(8) Comments | Posted November 5, 2006 | 6:43 PM

Ted Haggard smiling in his car, telling reporters he did indeed buy methamphetamines and received a massage from a male prostitute was disturbing enough, but what really got me from that photograph was Haggard's son, looking at his father, from the back seat.

What happens to the children...

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Rush Limbaugh is Scared of Girls

(6) Comments | Posted October 19, 2006 | 1:35 PM

Yesterday, without taking the time to watch them, Rush Limbaugh spent a fair chunk of time on his radio program blasting the "Remember Your First Time" PSAs, produced by "Women's Voices. Women Vote," and Julie Bergman, which are aimed at getting the 20 million single women...

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Remember Your First Time?

(12) Comments | Posted October 13, 2006 | 4:08 PM

I felt grown up. -- Felicity Huffman

I was the last one of all my friends to do it. - Regina King

It was the summer of love, 1968. - Tyne Daly

I did a lot of research on positions I liked. - Angie Harmon

No, not that first...

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Hello from New York!

(0) Comments | Posted October 11, 2006 | 5:22 PM

If your ears are buzzing, it is because Joan Blades just wrapped up a presentation in New York at the Women's Media Center, and she was talking about how wonderful all of you engaged mothers are.

Emily McKhann, my business partner, and the ad hoc MomsRising on-the-ground reporter, was...

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Fearless Kiki

(3) Comments | Posted October 8, 2006 | 7:18 PM

Imagine the fear Kiki Peppard must have felt over a dozen years ago when her husband walked out of their Long Island home, leaving her with two small children, a mailbox full of bills and debt a mile high. Or the sick pain and dread she felt shortly after...

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