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Moms Call In the Vote

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Right now on dozens of moms (also dads, kids, families, grandmas, aunts, caregivers and someday-moms-to-be) from across the country are calling in and leaving voice recordings about their vote.

Moms Call In the Vote has, in a few short hours, become an amazing combination of citizen mom reporting and kitchen table heart and soul. The energy, pride and excitement are palpable and deeply moving.

We created this campaign on our site because the moms there asked for it -- they are so heavily invested in this election and feel ownership and tremendous responsibility for the future. And look what they have created, a living archive of how mothers of America felt on this historic day.

Here are a few of the voices that are being shared on right now. Go the Moms Call In the Vote on to listen to the stories in real time or to add a story of your own):

Julie Pippert, Outside Houston, Texas:
I started feeling very hopeful because people are there because they care, whether you agree with them or not. It's been an exciting, emotional day.

My neighbor found out that though she registered, the information wasn't filed for a lot of people correctly, and she needs to vote as a provisional voter. She's very upset about it.

Glennia, California
The choice couldn't have been more clear. It's a choice between moving forward and looking backward. It's the choice between optimism and cynicism. It's the choice between the brightness of the American dream that my immigrant mother came here seeking and the dark stain of racism and injustice that are among the greatest failings of the nation ... I've always voted but I haven't always cared. This time I feel a great sense of what Martin Luther King called "the fierce urgency of now." ... I was not always an Obama supporter ... but the more I know of him the more confident I am that he can lead us toward to a great revitalization.

Amy, Ohio
I had a wonderful experience voting today for Barack Obama with my two young sons. It was a wonderful, monumental day that I got to share with my sons, and I'm going to speak with my grandmom later today who is 81 years-old and is excited about this too.

MomofEight, Pennsylvania
The machine quit working but they got it back working for us right away.

Jo-Lynne, Philadelphia
The kids are all with me. On the way over here, my son asked me if people have to vote, and I told we don't have to vote, but it's our responsibility and an honor and a privilege. And now we're heading home for lunch.

Gabrielle, Westchester, NY
We used the old lever system here in New York which are quite old-fashioned, but there is something lovely about pulling that lever open and closed and feeling like you heard a noise and made some sort of physical action. I have to say I was very very emotional as I was voting because this really is an historic election, and feeling a part of that. I love Election Day and I love this opportunity and think it's fantastic that I got to vote today. I hope you all get out there, and call in yourselves so we can record this experience and share it with our children and our families and be a part of history here. Happy Election Day.

Joanne Bamberger, PunditMom, Maryland
I think have to be careful about how we talk with our kids so we don't diminish other people's ideas and other candidates who are running and have valid things to say as well.

Donna, Southern California
We went early this morning because my daughter wanted to come too. But the line was too long and she had to go to school. I had to think about all the propositions because there are so many. It was a moving experience and now it's done!