10/13/2011 03:29 pm ET | Updated Dec 13, 2011

Broncos Fans, Have You Accepted Tim Tebow As Your Personal Savior?

It's official. Broncos coach John Fox has named Tim Tebow the starting quarterback. I know you have heard it. "Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!..." And that was at the Republican debate.

Tebow came in to the Chargers game and almost won the game for the Broncos. That's how sad things are for Broncos fans this year: almost winning is VERY exciting stuff indeed.

So now the face of the franchise is a self-proclaimed virgin. True to form, this week he looked good, but couldn't score when it counted. And it's hard for me not to enjoy that the wholesome Christian's first Hail Mary went unanswered.

I have been making fun of this guy for years. But I'm starting to come around on him. He's likable. He's handled himself well. And he's a scrappy winner. The fans got what they wanted. All they had to do was put up a billboard demanding that they put Tebow in. Who knew it was that easy? I should get a billboard encouraging my Falcons to spend some money on defense.

But I am not going to stop making fun of him. He wrote an autobiography last season. A 23 year-old virgin. What did he write about?! Last year he was barely playing football and not having sex. I can read that in my OWN journal.

I have not read the book yet, but I'm taking "the over" on mentions of Jesus. He apparently wrote it in during the season and it came out in May. Even in the PUBLISHING world he has a slow release.

Hey, maybe a book is the perfect thing for Tebow, because he does look good on paper. I hear the book's not that good, but the Broncos are buying it! Now we get to see what happens in the next chapter.

He seems like the genuine article. A nice guy who works hard and lives nobly by his principles. To his credit, his Christian message is getting through. When I first heard he had a book, I thought "Jesus Christ!"

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