04/23/2012 02:51 pm ET Updated Jun 23, 2012

Dewar's Scotch Whisky Honors Dynamic "Double Act" Behind Rag & Bone

This year, Dewar's created the 'Double Acts' program to celebrate dynamic duos behind some of the most unique and bespoke fashions, innovations, art and concepts. Tonight, Dewar's will celebrate the Boston store opening of Rag & Bone with Marcus Wainwright and David Neville -- two designers who have come together to create an amazing fashion brand. The success of Dewar's is just as much due to the brand's own double act of the two Dewar's brothers, John Dewar Jr. and Tommy Dewar, who saw the value in doing things they believed were worth doing, such as taking the time to "double-age" their Scotch whisky -- an extra step that achieves a superior product. Guys after my own heart.
Even though whiskey and fashion might seem like an odd pairing, these two brands actually have a lot of synergies. The one that jumps out at me the most is that they both seem to have a little bit of an old school approach to business.

The double act behind Rag & Bone are known for "caring for the integrity of how clothes are made and appreciating the craft," said David Neville of Rag & Bone. "And in some ways it relates to Dewar's and the craft that goes into make whiskey -- you know, the heritage -- and it's an important big part of our brand -- the idea of how things used to be done."

In spite of having no formal fashion training, longtime friends David Neville and Marcus Wainwright decided that they would become fashion designers. Focusing their work on high-quality garments for everyday wear, the duo began producing their first clothes in a traditional denim factory in Kentucky back in 2002. Since their first pair of jeans were introduced 10 years ago, Rag & Bone has become an international fashion house that has achieved huge popularity. In addition to a menswear line, a women's collection, and an accessories collection, the team is now opening their first store in Boston this evening!
So, how did they do it? According to an exclusive interview between Neville, Wainwright and Dewar's ambassador Gabe Calderella, it can all be attributed to the collaboration of the two men. "That's one of the big reasons we've been successful," said Wainwright, who adds that he and Neville are always "both going in exactly the same direction."
"We really care about the integrity of the process, the fabrics that we choose, and hope that that's sort of tangible in the garment that comes out at the end of the line," he said. How much do we love these guys?


To watch the complete interview with the designers of Rag & Bone, check out the exclusive video here:

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