12/29/2011 09:32 am ET | Updated Feb 28, 2012

Fabulous in Florence... Starting With the Food! (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago I went to Florence Italy to shoot a series of luxury lifestyle segments. It really was one of the best trips I have ever taken and by far the best shoot I've ever been on. My team and I ran around Florence working 16 hours a day, getting as much on camera as we could to bring it back to my audience and show them why they -- and by 'they,' I mean you -- really need to make this city the next on your list to visit.

My travel niche is the luxury market. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved fancy hotels. Well, fancy everything is probably more accurate. That said, it was a no-brainer that The Four Seasons Firenze would be where we would stay. What a lucky production crew, no Sheraton for you guys!

The Four Seasons Firenze is the hotel of choice for anyone looking for the ultimate luxury hotel experience. Flawless Four Seasons training, European flair and a setting so breathtaking it feels more like you're staying in an Italian palazzo. Oh wait, that's because you are! This hotel is a centuries' old palazzo, so rich in history you cannot miss at every turn. From the architectural details to the 10-plus acre setting walking distance from The Duomo, it is a true oasis in the heart of Florence.

The video segments are about design, shopping/style and food. The first installment is all about food because I have found that is the first thing people want to talk about when you mention a visit to Italy. They get this glazed-over look, the jaw drops, the eyes widen and then they proceed to give you a list of where you MUST eat. It's fabulous, I love it. Luckily, my crew and I are a foodie bunch! Not only did I basically eat and drink my way through this enchanting city, I got a cooking lesson from a Michelin star chef. Yes folks, that's right. Chef Vito Mollica of the famed Il Palagio at The Four Seasons was kind enough to show me how to prepare a traditional Italian dinner for Christmas Eve -- or any special holiday, really. Basically, he dumbed down the Feast Of The Seven Fishes for girls like me who are better known for having the local sushi joint on speed dial and using Whole Foods for the big stuff like holidays! The thing is, I love to cook but I am busy and a little intimidated by anything that involves seven types of fish. Of course, Vito, being the charming Italian man he is (oh honey, aren't they all?), showed that even a Take Out Queen like me couldn't mess up! Now follow me along in Italy... next up after this... behind the scenes at the Gucci Museum!

Courtney Cachet in Florence from Oscar Michelen on Vimeo.


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