01/10/2011 01:21 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Instant Glamour: How to Decorate Your Home With Black

There is a reason the little black dress has endured it's unparalleled popularity through time. It's elegant, sophisticated and sexy. Black looks good in almost everything. Well, that might explain why we are seeing more and more appearances of fabulous black in the home.
Painting a wall black is like adding a fab LBD to your home!

So many people are afraid to decorate with black. Don't be afraid. If you follow a few simple guidelines, decorating your home with black can be fabulous beyond your wildest dreams. You will never know until you try, that's a fact.

Recently, I painted the entryway of my master bedroom black and it was featured, along with the rest of my home, on NBC in New York this past weekend. I received tons of emails from viewers telling me how they couldn't wait to try the same thing in their own home. So many thought a black room would feel like some creepy Goth den or a planetarium. It couldn't be further from the truth. If you love sophisticated and glamorous interiors, the use of black is part of that style.

That said, I have the video from my own home and an example of how I used a black wall to create drama in an awkward alcove..

When you're done checking it out, you may find yourself running down to the hardware store for a gallon or two. I can pretty much guarantee it.

But first, remember these Do's and Don'ts

1. Start small. I do not recommend painting a whole room black until you've started with one wall. period, the end.

2. With paint, the finish will determine the formality of the room. Satin finish will seem more fancy, sleek. A matte finish will seem more casual.

3. Don't go for a "true" black. I went with the darkest shade of grey available. It looks black, but it really isn't a true black. Often, the darkest shade of another color will give you the "black" you're looking for.

4. Black walls and ceilings look best with bright white trim. It makes them pop and adds the little touch of white you need to define the room. It makes a huge difference.
5. Never decorate with black and use orange in the same room. Unless you're handing out candycorns at the door. Never.

6. FYI: black countertops and black floors tend to show every smudge and piece of dust immediately. While they're gorgeous, just know that going in since they're both costly changes.

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