05/11/2011 02:42 pm ET | Updated Jul 11, 2011

Have a Hot Summer Fling... With Your Home

I don't know about you, but every year I can't wait for summer's arrival. Everything about summer is fabulous... fresh air, warm temps, lazy days, suntans and cold drinks. Seriously, what's not to love?

Just like you switch out the wool slacks and black boots for white pants and flip flops, you can do the same for your home decor with ease. There are endless ways you can "summerize" your home and have it feeling fabulous in no time. Simple editing is a good start to getting you on your way. The good stuff stays, the cheap stuff you had no business buying gets tossed, and the rest gets packed away until after Labor Day! A couple of rules: no anchors, no seashells and no "I'd Rather Be Sailing!" wall decor. Ever.

If These Walls Could Talk

Most people have fairly neutral colors on their walls, especially in the living room. That said, why not slap a fresh coat of paint on those walls for immediate freshness. Try and give in to your fear of trying a new color. The most inexpensive and non-committal decor in your home is always the paint on the walls. If you have a horrid judgment lapse as to what looks good, it'll only set you back about $50. I say, it's worth the risk.

Also, springtime is a great time to paint since the temps are mild and the humidity hasn't reached it's summertime peak. Sweating in a room that stinks of paint is just not where you want to be. It's gross, trust me.

Oh Honey, You Need Some Color!

Anyone familiar with my style knows I love color. I am just not a beige kinda girl. Besides, if the universe wanted us to live in black and white why would they have given us a world full of glorious color? I'm not saying turning your home into Rainbow Bright, but you need color, especially in the summer. Changing a room from season to season is done mostly with color. That said, pack away the dark purple pillows (they're screaming Fall 2010!) and the gray wool throw. Seriously. Cozy will make a comeback in a few months. Yellow, pink, green, orange and blue... think flowers, oceans, grass and sunlight! Balance is key. Too much of anything is always a no no.

Green Is the New Black

Just like you coveted all things black this past winter, embrace your inner Green Goddess. Buy some plants, flowers, maybe even get your little Food Network groove on with a little counter-top herb garden. Plants make any room look good, feel good and it's actually healthy for you! Get rid of the branches from the winter, pull out a vase, and get some flowers. For less than twenty bucks, you can make your drab space breathe summer life! Please take note, fake flowers are horrible, tacky and unacceptable. Yuck!

Edit, Edit, Edit

Just like you edit your clothing every season, the same should be done at home. Do you keep all your winter coats, wool pants and scarves at an arm's length in July? Duh, of course not! So, why do you think it's OK to continue to leave out the fur throw, cow skin pillows and heavy velvet curtains? Pack them away and switch them out for their more summery counterparts. For example, punch it up with one new furniture piece and add some white sheers to those windows. A brightly hued melamine tray can add instant chicness and is perfect for serving up frozen margaritas!

Your Nose Knows

The power of smell is too often overlooked. The appearance of the room is important to the eyes but, the scent of a room is equally important. The smell is what draws you in... or pushes you out; it is the unseen charmer of the room. Freshly cut flowers, a bowl of lemons, even a Yankee Candle (Fluffy Towels) can get your senses grooving before you are even aware of it. The smell of the beach, grass or anything citrus screams summer. Don't shortchange yourself by not running with this tip. Easy and wonderful!

Whether you live in a teeny tiny apartment in Brooklyn or you weekend in the Hamptons, it doesn't matter. Summer is everywhere. The elements are completely within reach no matter how much you have to spend. How fabulous you make it is solely up to you.


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