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Courtney Hight
Courtney Hight is the Director of the Sierra Club's Democracy program. She began organizing around environmental issues as a student at the University of Oregon, where she helped develop a campaign to make her campus more energy efficient. Since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, Courtney has worked with the Oregon Student Association, the United States Student Association, the Obama campaign, the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and Energy Action Coalition.

As Director of the Democracy program for Sierra Club, Courtney currently implements the Democracy Initiative program by working closely with NAACP, Communication Workers of America, and Greenpeace to engage a broad base of labor unions, women's organizations, environmental organizations, civil rights groups and money-in-politics organizations to address root problems facing our democracy.

Entries by Courtney Hight

The Best Congress Big Oil Can Buy

(0) Comments | Posted March 3, 2016 | 3:55 PM

Say there's a bill you'd love to get through Congress, but the majority of Americans and the president are both opposed to letting it pass because of the damage it would do to the environment, the climate, and American jobs. Well have no fear, we have a Congress for you!

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Stop Polluters From Putting Their Money Where Your Mouth Is

(0) Comments | Posted July 9, 2014 | 12:59 PM

It's about time the Senate acted to save itself. That's why the Sierra Club is joining with dozens of organizations representing millions and millions of Americans to call on the Senate to approve a constitutional amendment proposed by Senators Tom Udall and Michael Bennet to stop big money campaign donors...

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Senator Ted Cruz, You're Fired

(2) Comments | Posted June 9, 2014 | 7:23 PM

Perhaps there was an error in our computer system. Maybe someone in human resources department hit the wrong button. I doubt it. Still, one way or the other, Senator Ted Cruz has taken it upon himself to act as a spokesperson for the Sierra Club.

Please, Senator Cruz, consider...

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Government by the People, Not the Polluters

(2) Comments | Posted February 6, 2014 | 12:51 PM

Ever since the Supreme Court's disastrous decision in Citizens United v. FEC, big polluting, big money campaign donors have been allowed to wreak havoc on our democracy, drowning out the voices of everyday Americans by dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns and lobbying, warping our government's priorities. But,...

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Filibustering Clean Air and Climate Action

(1) Comments | Posted November 13, 2013 | 6:05 PM

They did it again. Tuesday evening, extremists in the U.S. Senate blocked yet another highly-qualified nominee to the federal judiciary, filibustering the appointment of law professor Nina Pillard to the D.C. Circuit Court. If you are keeping score at home, this is the second filibuster of a qualified nominee to...

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Who Wants a Shutdown?

(0) Comments | Posted October 14, 2013 | 11:39 AM

More than 840,000 Americans have been sent home instead of work. National parks and public lands are off-limits to everyone but oil and gas drillers. Nine out of 10 employees at the Environmental Protection Agency have been furloughed. Small business loans are on hold, health and safety inspections are suspended,...

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Who's Paying for Climate Denial Politics?

(44) Comments | Posted February 1, 2013 | 3:12 PM

On Monday, President Barack Obama said it loud and clear during his second inaugural address: We need action to fix our climate crisis, and we need it now. And, just a few hours later, as it seems like they've done at every turn over the last four years, his opponents...

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Joel vs. Koch Brothers -- Whose Side are you on? (VIDEO)

(5) Comments | Posted October 26, 2010 | 10:38 AM

A David vs. Goliath story is unfolding in Wichita, Kansas. Joel Francis, a college student and Marine Corps veteran is going face-to-face with one of the richest men in America, Charles Koch. Koch Industries is using their deep coffers to influence elections around the country: giving millions...

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Thousands Seize The Moment, Join Hands To Move Beyond Oil

(1) Comments | Posted June 28, 2010 | 11:37 AM

I just returned from a rally at the White House where hundreds of people joined the nationwide Hands Across The Sand. Our rally is one of 800 where people joined hands and used our bodies to draw a line against offshore drilling and for clean energy....

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Obama, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

(2) Comments | Posted June 16, 2010 | 7:58 PM

When I sat down with my friends to watch President Obama's speech last night, I started feeling something I had not quite felt since the early days of the campaign back in New Hampshire -- hope. As he talked about the urgency to create a clean energy economy, my heart...

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