11/20/2012 07:13 am ET Updated Jan 20, 2013

Travelocity's Top 10 Thanksgiving Travel Tips

It's the busiest time of the year, and we're all trying our very best to get home for turkey dinner without too much stress and strain. But as we know, sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Whether you're trying to smuggle a frozen turkey in your purse or find a cheap last minute deal, Travelocity"s Turkey Task Force is here to guide you with our Top 10 Thanksgiving Travel Tips:
  1. Don't check your luggage.  Let's face it, all you're really going to wear on Thanksgiving is a pair of elastic sweatpants so there's no need to lug a giant suitcase along.  By carrying on all of your luggage you'll avoid those dreaded 'checked bag fees' so popular with airlines these days, and you won't have to waste time at the luggage carousel.
  2. Divide and conquer your carry-ons.  Remember: Everyone that you're traveling with, from an adult to the tiniest toddler, is allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage. Divvy up your belongings among everyone and keep any fragile items under the seat in front of you.  In the busy rush of take-off, items in the overhead bin aren't always handled with care.
  3. Get on Twitter.  If you weren't a fan of Twitter before, you should be now.  The holiday travel season is full of unexpected changes due to weather and heavy crowds and Twitter is the best way for airlines to communicate updates to the masses.  Follow @Travelocity"s Turkey Task Force use hashtag #ttf to keep track of delays and cancellations at the ten busiest airports in the country.
  4. Leave the cranberry sauce at home.  Whether you're a cranberry perserve or canned cranberry lover, the TSA doesn't really care.  Neither are allowed onboard.  However, your turkey is!  If you've got an item that you're thinking of bringing, use the MY TSA app feature "Can I bring?" to find out what's allowed.
  5. Dont wrap gifts.  Your handy work may be torn to bits by a TSA Security Officer who is required to thoroughly inspect all packages.
  6. Fly on the holiday.  If you can travel on Thanksgiving morning you'll get home just in time for dinner and avoid all of the chaos and long lines that travelers tend to experience the days leading up.
  7. Compare surrounding airports.   Even if you live closer to one airport, a deeply discounted flight may be lurking at a nearby airport.  Always tick "Compare Surrounding Airports" when you're shopping online.
  8. Load up your phone with travel apps.  Whether you're hunting for gas, looking to book a nearby hotel, or tracking a Superstorm, mobile apps can be a traveler's best friends.
  9. Book a vacation package.  If you aren't crashing at grandma's, book a hotel and flight vacation package to maximize savings.  You could save up to $525!
  10. Check-in online.  You'll save time, money and even be able to download your boarding pass to your smartphone all by checking in online. 

What is a Travelocity's Turkey Task Force?

Now in its 12th consecutive year, our team of Turkey Task Force travel experts is spanning the country's busiest airports to keep you informed on Thanksgiving travel, from cancellations/delays, to long lines at security, weather and more.  Follow @travelocity on Twitter and tweet along with us using hashtag #TTF

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