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CraftFoxes is a social network and marketplace for people who love crafts such as knitting, crochet, sewing, jewelry-making and more.

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DIY Hostess Gifts -- Great Ideas for Parties

(0) Comments | Posted August 1, 2014 | 5:20 PM

Nobody wants to be remembered as that guest who showed up empty-handed. It might just cause your next invite to be "lost in the mail." Bringing a small but thoughtful hostess gift is an easy way to acknowledge your host's hospitality and to secure that future invite. While many guests...

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Great Kids Crafts Made Out of Trash

(0) Comments | Posted July 25, 2014 | 9:53 AM

Amanda Kingloff got the idea for her book "Project Kid" when her son looked at spool of ribbon -- with its round cardboard circle top and yellow "string" trailing behind -- and saw a balloon. Soon she began to envision numerous kids craft projects made out of repurposed...

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Amazing DIY -- Winners of The 2014 Craftys Awards

(0) Comments | Posted June 10, 2014 | 1:01 PM

What makes a piece of craft great? Is it technical mastery, innovative approach or creative ideas? In late April, the CraftFoxes team launched The Craftys in search of projects that bring the techniques and materials of crafting to new heights....

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6 Stylish, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts You Can Make

(0) Comments | Posted May 8, 2014 | 9:02 AM

If you're staring down your calendar to Mother's Day, and have a mother who expects more than the standard-issue flowers, you're in luck. The sassy, classy gifts collected in this list can be crafted in one afternoon. And since crafting helps with stress, it may also help settle...

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Secrets To Winning at Life That Crafters Know

(0) Comments | Posted April 30, 2014 | 7:58 PM


While every day can be filled with frustration, you are by nature a creative animal, and something as simple as crafting can improve your mindstate and heart health as well as foster calm and even stem the anxiety that comes with daily disappointments....

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Announcing The Craftys -- Awards that Celebrate the Best in Craft

(0) Comments | Posted April 25, 2014 | 4:37 PM

There are the Grammys for musicians and the Oscars for filmmakers. Now crafters will have The Craftys for crafters. The team at CraftFoxes has put together an exciting awards event to celebrate the best in craft across the nation.

From April 28 to March 26, 2014, our competition will be accepting nominations for Craftys awards (you can also nominate your own work). This celebration of creators gives anyone the chance to win as much as $1,000 for an amazing handmade piece.

Categories include sewing/ quilting, knitting / crochet, best young crafter (under 18) and even best curated DIY Pinterest board. You can check out more at The

The list of celebrity judges is a passionate team of craft-fanatics, including Huffington Post's Brie Dyas, Brooklyn Craft Company's Brett Bara, Mark Montano (author of "Big Ass Book of Crafts"), Nick Jr.'s Lasette Canady, Instructables' editor Wade Wilgus and several other craft celebrities.

For those who vote on their fave craft, there's a chance to win one of the giveaway prizes from Red Heart Yarns, Blick Art Supplies, WeRMemory Keepers, or ILovetoCreate.

Visit the The to enter your own craft project, nominate a project from your favorite crafter, vote for the entries you love, and get inspired. Subscribe to The Craftys' email list to stay in the loop on who wins this year and get the scoop for what's in store for next...

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5 Surprising Things to Do With a Sewing Machine

(0) Comments | Posted April 5, 2014 | 12:23 PM

Sewing machines have unexpected uses beyond fixing a hem or adding a button. You can use it turn plastic bags into fabric, bind a book and more. Jordan Ellis, who sells items like an R2D2 Star Wars apron and crayon ammo belts at CraftFoxes, explains some of the...

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Easy Ideas for a Spring Home Upgrade

(0) Comments | Posted March 28, 2014 | 4:37 PM

If you want to improve your mood, there are two things you can do more of -- spend time in the sunshine and craft? With spring here, you can add a little more sunshine to the inside of your house with these DIY upgrades, sure to boost your...

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Organizers for Every Room in Your House

(0) Comments | Posted March 23, 2014 | 3:01 PM

Have you started spring cleaning yet? OK, well, once we all get around to spring cleaning, it will be a waste to let all that scoured floor and furniture collect dust, receipts, lint and anything else you have in your purse or pockets for no good reason. These organizing hacks...

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Stylish Home Decor That Hardly Costs a Penny

(0) Comments | Posted March 14, 2014 | 4:55 PM

Spring has likely made you giddy and creative, not to mention eager to de-clutter. Redecorating on a budget, though, is tricky. Who wants to an interior decorator (or banker) to make an old house new?

Don't despair: Sometimes redecorating is less about new things and more about re-imagining new...

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Fun, Simple Crafts for Snow Days

(0) Comments | Posted March 2, 2014 | 9:53 PM

Kids revel in snow days, but too many canceled classes are bound to make even the most patient parents a little batty. Save the family from boredom with these easy crafts and games. Most of them can be done with basic art supplies and scraps from your recycling pile!

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Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Everyone

(0) Comments | Posted February 27, 2014 | 1:54 PM

Irish or not, St. Patrick's Day is a great reason to get crafty, celebrate a rich heritage and eat a green bagel. (And, of course, any reason to play with green glitter is a good one.) This list is the pot of gold at the end...

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Amazing Crafts You Can Make With Toilet Paper Rolls

(0) Comments | Posted February 19, 2014 | 8:17 PM

There are lots of ways to green your bathroom. You can buy a fancy toilet that doesn't require much water. You can clean everything with baking soda and vinegar. Or, you can recycle your toilet paper tubes into Despicable Me minions.

Which one of those sounds the...

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Easy, Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts

(0) Comments | Posted February 13, 2014 | 11:14 AM

As a recent Saturday Night Live sketch noted, picking up a box of waxy Valentine's Day chocolate in the drugstore discount aisle after grabbling a Swiffer refill isn't exactly the most endearing way to say "I Love You." However, you may not have the time and...

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