Romanoff Reveals Truth -- Causes Big Problem for the White House

06/03/2010 05:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Romanoff has stepped up big.
my June 1, 2010 advice delivered through Huffington Post
, Romanoff showed his cards last night and
revealed truth. Now, the chips will fall where they will.
Andrew Romanoff's brand, as a different kind of Democrat and a
politician who can't be bought, remains solid.

rest of the Dems are screwed. This Romanoff-Sestak Situation
stinks to high heaven and all over the White House. Team Obama
was handing out taxpayer funded jobs to deprive Democratic citizens
of electoral choices. The game changer was last week's realization
that 18 USC, Section 600, a criminal statute, seems to fit like a glove
around these facts. If the glove fits, you can't acquit.
No acquittal will be forthcoming this November for Team Obama in the
Court of Public Opinion.

did President Obama know and when did he know it? Same question
for Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. Same question for the retiring
Colorado Democratic Governor Ritter who appointed Bennet with Obama's

is an interesting glitch though for Andrew Romanoff.
Denver Post
editorial page writer Chuck Plunkett

told us on our June 2, 2010 show that he heard last September about
Andrew Romanoff being offered a job by the White House. So he
called Romanoff and asked if it was true and was told that it was not.

unequivocal NO
, the Denver Post wrote in their
June 2, 2010 editorial
In that editorial, titled "Clear the Air on Romanoff Deal," the
Denver Post wrote it this way:

The Denver Post last September
quoted unnamed sources that said Obama's deputy chief of staff, Jim
Messina, contacted former state House Speaker Romanoff, who hadn't yet
announced his candidacy, with specific suggestions for Washington jobs
in exchange for his staying out of the race against appointed Sen. Michael

The White House denied any
such offer, but sources told The Post's Michael Riley: "Romanoff
turned down the overture, which included mention of a job at USAID,
the foreign aid agency."

Obama endorsed Bennet the
day after Romanoff formally announced he was in the race.

We read Riley's story with
particular interest.
Only days before it ran, after
hearing whispers of a Romanoff job offer, we asked the former House
speaker directly whether he had been offered a job by the White House
to drop out of the race.

He told us
unequivocally that he had not been offered a position.
(Emphasis added.)

told us the call was to Romanoff's cell phone and the conversation
lasted ten to fifteen minutes. Plunkett says it was in September
but he doesn't remember the exact day and does not have notes.

timeline in all of this is important. To a lawyer. To a
jury. To a voter. To true journalists. To opposition
political candidates. By the way, if you want to hear from the
Colorado Republican U.S. Senate candidates, Jane Norton and Ken Buck,
regarding the Romanoff-Sestak Situation and accusations at each
a listen
to our June
2 radio show.

afternoon, in that same five p.m. hour,
asked Chuck Plunkett how he would feel if Andrew Romanoff soon disclosed
a White House discussion of "drop out of the race jobs."
Chuck Plunkett told
and Silverman Show

listeners, "I would feel misled."

September 27, 2009 that the Denver Post
wrote about the White House job offer through
White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina.
Dan Haley, Plunkett's Editorial Page boss also came on the radio
and told us
that the conversation between Plunkett and Romanoff occurred three weeks
before the Post's Messina report. September 27 minus three weeks
(21 days) is September 6, 2009.

damning Messina e-mail is dated September 11, 2009.

order for Plunkett (and the Denver
) not to feel misled, Romanoff's job offer would need to have
come after the Plunkett-Romanoff telephone conversation.

have said that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster is Obama's
Katrina. Now, this White House has its own problem from the September 11 email
to handle. Or is the better reference to Watergate, a crime designed
to consolidate power for a President and his political party.