06/01/2010 11:11 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Time Limited Power of Andrew Romanoff

Colorado Speaker of the House and
Andrew Romanoff
has done nothing wrong. Yet. All he has done is provide
Colorado Democratic voters a choice when choosing their candidate for
U.S. Senator. So far,
appears to be winning
. Prince Andrew Romanoff has a lot of power, but there are pressures

is time pressure. The clock is ticking on valiant Prince Andrew.
It appears he may be holding the keys to the Kingdom. Will Andrew
make this nightmare go away for King Obama? Will he make it worse?
When will Andrew Romanoff talk? What will he say? Will he
say it soon on our
and Silverman

Obama said at the start of this Memorial Day weekend that all of his
attention is on the Gulf oil spill. I doubt it. I doubt
him more and more. When a criminal scandal is brewing, and your
White House is the target, it takes away at least some of your attention.
I don't care how cool you are.

do you know people at the White House are anxious about criminal exposure?
Listen to the way they are talking and acting. Nervous.
They have good reason to be. When
directly about Sestak at the end of
a recent and rare press conference
our glib President Obama said nothing and referred to a statement soon
to be
and delivered by his White House lawyer

White House political pro David Axelrod admitted that, if the Sestak
tale is true, it would "constitute a serious breach of law."
Mr. Axelrod further told
King on CNN
that he
could not tell King what was said on any conversations, "I was not
a party to the conversations." Axelrod does not want to be a
target. Sestak seems to be unloosening his lips.

Gibbs, hemming and hawing even more than normal, is sounding like Nixon's
Ron Ziegler. The
House lawyer, Robert Bauer, issued a Memorial Day Weekend statement
of exoneration
ever even citing the relevant statute. The only thing hope
and change
for the Obama White House about this apparent electoral
tampering is hoping that America will change the subject.

is old school. That is the
and by its very
assertion, the confession. We have a business as usual White House.
Maybe even more so. Elevate Governors and Senators to the Cabinet,
get Obama approved people to move up. This has some of the stench
of corporate type electioneering, like
Mining and how they practically fixed elections
the kind of thing that hurts and kills real Americans.

applicable crime, as written,
United States Code, Section 600
seems to fit like a glove around the facts as reported. If the
elements fit, the jury cannot acquit.

But will it ever get to a jury? How about a grand jury
where you can get sworn answers to tough questions?

If Republicans could take it to any jury, they would.
But they can't. It is the Obama-Holder Justice Department.
Politics and prosecution are a poor, but powerful, mix. Remember
the hubbub over the Bush-Cheney-Rove replacement of U.S. Attorneys who
would not play political party ball. Seems like small ball compared
to the U.S. Senate.

if this matter never gets any attention in a federal courtroom, the
case is now on the docket in the court of public opinion. The
loser is Obama. Our President has been undressed. We were
promised transparency and now we see disturbing images of what is going
on inside this White House.

other losers are Obama Democrats. That includes almost all Dems.
But not Andrew Romanoff. Not yet. Last year, Andrew Romanoff
took on the Obama approved Democrat, Michael Bennet.

Romanoff is no Charlie Crist. He is not going third party.
This is a Colorado Democratic intraparty insurrection. Andrew
Romanoff is a Denver Democrat with demonstrated legislative and leadership
skills. He was there as a leader when
Democrats at long last wrested control at the statehouse
. It was pre-Obama.

Romanoff's aspiration to be appointed a U.S. Senator was shot down
by Bill Ritter/Barack Obama/Ken Salazar/Roy Romer, the DNC powerbrokers
round these parts.
Public Schools has been graduating about 50%

of its students. DPS Superintendent Michael Bennet leapfrogged
great accomplishment

to the Most Exclusive Club in the World -- the U.S. Senate.

this incumbent-gate scandal down. Sestak-Romanoff is all about
the U.S. Senate and a Presidential desire to dominate its members.
This White House also likes to
. In
its zeal, it appears the Obama White House may have bumped up against
a felony.

Romanoff has a substantial history with our radio show. Several
years ago, he survived and thrived after two days of co-hosting with
Dan Caplis. The term limited Speaker is a good humored wordsmith,
almost always willing to engage and banter with us. Romanoff is
also the rare policy wonk who can be entertaining.

Bennet has assiduously avoided Dan Caplis and only to a slightly lesser
extent, me. We see him at events, never in our radio studio.
How will we all get to know Senator Bennet? Through million dollar
ad campaigns with slick spots that are designed for us to buy a carefully
crafted corporate product - Michael Bennet.

the past, on our radio show,
we asked if he was offered a job, Andrew Romanoff
has bantered, dodged and evaded.

That was then. This is now. Now, we all know about the apparently
applicable federal felony.

September 27, 2009, Denver Post D.C. based reporter Michael Riley
wrote an article titled
Job Alleged as Attempt to Deter Romanoff


    -- Not long after news leaked last month that Andrew Romanoff was determined
    to make a Democratic primary run against Sen. Michael Bennet, Romanoff
    received an unexpected communication from one of the most powerful men
    in Washington.

    Jim Messina, President Barack
    Obama's deputy chief of staff and a storied fixer in the White House
    political shop, suggested a place for Romanoff might be found in the
    administration and offered specific suggestions,
    according to several sources who described the communication to The
    Denver Post.

Romanoff has never denied the accuracy of this Denver Post story.
He has played it coy. Rarely does Andrew Romanoff let the public
see him peeved at Obama/Ritter/Salazar/Romer for bypassing him and putting
Bennet in the Senate. The predominant message of the campaign
is that Romanoff really does want a government job, but one that he
gets on his own, the job of U.S. Senator.

has been kicking Bennet's butt

in everything
(Bennet tapped
right into the Obama money machine, covets corporate money, and has
a ton of his own). Even with all that money and backing,
Senator Bennet, appointed to the Ken Salazar Senate seat, has been leaking

Senator Bennet now be persuaded by a worried White House to go away
before the August primary? Even if Romanoff becomes the
new Obama approved choice (see Sestak), no one can expect the GOP candidate
for this prized Colorado Salazar/Obama/Bennet Senate seat, to leave
this issue alone. What will Andrew say and when will he say it?

price of this political game of poker has gone way up over the Memorial
Day Weekend. Andrew Romanoff is too smart to not perceive the
game change. If Andrew Romanoff continues to dodge and evade when
will likely ruin the Romanoff brand.

Not many people will accept a
non-answer. I don't know how Andrew Romanoff
can win the election playing his hand that way.

what to do now, Mr. Romanoff? How about telling the truth?
Mama always said, honesty is the best policy. Andrew Romanoff
might well be hailed as a new
Smith Goes to Washington
No corporate money taken. No White House quid pro quos.

rogue would make Romanoff a famous person,
but will there be a happy ending? For President Obama? For
the United States of America? For Andrew Romanoff? Andrew
Romanoff, M.D. The Moral Democrat.

is what is touted on - A Man of Honor and Conviction.
A Sterling Reputation. A Record of Integrity and Simple Decency.
A Bridge Builder. The Best in Government Leaders. Working
for the People of Colorado.

and America might fall in love with Andrew Romanoff. Most Americans
hate this kind of crap out of D.C. Screwing us every which
way they can.

call it
. We call
it bull crap. The selling of high government jobs that we, the
citizens, pay for. What are we paying for? So the White
House can use each job as our blank check that it can fill out, in any
amount, to bribe candidates. Do you really have to offer
a government job? Can't you Dems in the White House use corporate
buddies like Republicans do? At least that might not run afoul
of felony laws.

this patronage/bribery scenario, do we, the citizens, ever get the best
person for the job? Or do we get incompetent political people
(Janet Napolitano) and vote getters without proper technical backgrounds
(Ken Salazar)? Does anything other than electoral manipulations
matter in the White House hiring process? Is it like the mob?
You join Team Obama. You get connected. You support all things

what more do we the people get? Our right to choose between good
candidates is gone. Soviet style, the election is fixed before
it ever really begins. You will not run this time Leonid.
Not now Sestak. Wrong time Romanoff. The White House does
not yet trust you enough. Team Obama definitely can't
trust the voters. Especially now that the Obamacare and Arizona
polls are so bad.

for Favor. Back scratching. How do you get a job in this
economy? Sign up for Team Obama. Obama Agenda by any
means necessary. Control democracy. And for goodness sake,
control Democrats.

White House supported an ancient Arlen Specter over a younger, decorated
Admiral who had long been a Democrat. That was another dirty deal.
Switch sides Arlen, vote for Obamacare and Kagan, and we, your grateful
friends in the White House, will clear the Democratic decks for you
to beat Pat Toomey again. Did anybody consult with Pennsylvania
Democratic voters?

about Colorado Dems? Did they get a say? What kind of deal
was made with Michael Bennett - the shocking choice to succeed Ken
Salazar? Something tells me that Obama can always count
on Bennett. Quid pro quo. Who needs the American
people if you control the United States Senate?

Obama stain may spread and gush right onto the heads of the establishment
and Obama co-opted Dems. How quickly the worm, or should I say
drill bit, has turned since the Denver DNC.

the flow path might be former DNC head and Colorado Governor Roy Romer,
Romer's protégée and current Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Romer's
former lawyer, Ken Salazar, and Romer's Denver Congress Park neighbor
and good friend Michel Bennet. Read below Romer's son, Colorado
State Senator Chris Romer's, reaction to the White House job offer
to Romanoff.

    State Sen. Chris Romer, D-Denver,
    said the White House has "every right" to get involved in
    the race.

    "People locally are
    taking a position. Why wouldn't Barack Obama, who by the way is more
    affected by the outcome, have a right to be involved?" said Romer,
    who is supporting Bennet. "It's absolutely consistent with what
    other presidents have done in both parties."

    Still, the tactics have surprised
    others in the party, sparking growing concern especially as efforts
    that should have been kept private spill into public view.

is one thing. Using taxpayer financed jobs to induce candidates
to go away is another. What most people did not know back in September
when the Denver Post ran its story was 18 USC, Section 600.
of the law is no defense

could the Obama smart guys dance so close to the flame so soon after
Blago? Didn't Clinton also get in trouble for, among other
things, finding Monica a job at the Pentagon? Hard habits to break?
Is there any adult supervision? Does this stuff really work in

the Denver Post follow up and become the Washington
of this potential Watergate? The Post has the Michael Riley September
story head start, but have they squandered their lead? Does the
Denver Post want to get at this truth? Since the Rocky Mountain
died, we don't get a lot of the political investigative journalism
we once had in this town. Same story really. We consumers
suffer when competition goes away.

other members of mainstream media look the other way? Tea partiers
and the ideological left are no doubt interested even if the good old
political parties consider it business as usual. I think this
story has staying power.

thing is for sure. Denver's Talk Station,
630 KHOW, will be all over this story. Legendary
Peter Boyles
has been
on this Romanoff angle for months. We, at
the New York Times' acclaimed Caplis
and Silverman Show
will be all over the legal and political fallout. You can stream
can podcast our show

to listen to while you go for a run. It will be fascinating, especially
at the White House, to see which way Romanoff now runs.