02/16/2012 04:15 pm ET | Updated Apr 17, 2012

How Obama's Rise Could Help Romney

The President's polling uptick makes Mitt Romney's case to resistant GOP voters better than he can. When Obama looked beatable right wingers felt smug enough to go pure. But now they must rethink.

Perhaps a Republican former blue-state governor who can triangulate, obfuscate and, yes, even sacrifice red-state principles is what it takes to lure enough independents to take the White House.

Such thinking would likely be wrong. In recent years when Republicans wimped out for supposedly electable moderates they lost: Ford, Bush Sr., Dole, McCain.

But there's not much left for Romney to argue, except to say that a disingenuous conservative who doesn't frighten independents might eke out a victory. How's that for a bumper sticker!

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