01/08/2012 12:19 am ET | Updated Mar 08, 2012

From my GOP debate notebook:

  • My One-word review: Mitt ("unflappable"); Newt ("tiresome"); Santorum ("sad"); Paul ("gone"); Perry ("foolish"); Huntsman ("pretty").
  • Debate reversal: Candidates played their own drinking game: How many times would moderators ask about gay marriage instead of jobs?
  • Even sadder than debate itself, ABC pundits desperately pretending it was interesting.
  • 2nite Mitt paid 20% dn, passed on debt 2 others & collected a fortune in dividends before bankruptcy. O wait, that was Bain Cap.
  • Romney rivals would have kissed his ass tonight but ABC wisely kept podiums too far apart.
  • Romney wins again by keeping his hands in his pockets.
  • Debate followed by yet another Fred Thompson commercial hawking an insurance fraud to seniors. Perfect!
  • Diane Sawyer thanks our families for watching but made sure debate not about anything we care about.
  • Yep Perry would be at a shooting range in the dark. Even Cheney is afraid of that.
  • What's more exciting? Googling "Santorum" or whatever Huntsman just said in Chinese?
  • Thanks to this debate, CVS commercials are absolutely riveting.
  • Oops, Huntsman spoke Chinese -- I'll bet he watched Frank Sinatra's Manchurian Candidate with captions.
  • Mitt "Bain" Romney -- you probably killed more jobs than China.
  • Mitt says his tax plan for those who "desperately need help" (thus his 150k cut for millionaires).
  • Mitt , you say Barack wants European welfare state, but you're the one who speaks French.
  • Wow, Diane Sawyer just heard jobs worth talking about. Kudos to those ace ABC producers.
  • Gary Johnson is kicking ass tonight.
  • I drifted off but think I heard Perry say he'd send more troops to Afghanistan by re-invading Iraq with North Korean missiles.
  • But what about Bachmann's 23 foster kids? Somebody, please!
  • Can't somebody say "999" just for the hell of it?
  • C'mon Huntsman, Asia topic is your chance to speak Chinese. Would make more sense than anything Perry says.
  • Closest we've gotten to a jobs discussion: Gay marriage employs more preachers.
  • Best evidence GOP has lost gay marriage debate: Only Perry wants to talk about it.
  • Guess Perry will have to pass gas to get a question
  • Mitt: "Contraception is working just fine" -- until Bain Capital buys Trojan and cuts costs.
  • Mitt wants contraception. See, he's a moderate.
  • Is this a debate or the new season of The Apprentice? Mitt to rivals: You're fired!
  • Mitt headed for the pool, orders fruity cocktail.
  • Paul dings Newt, who claims he "served" by worrying about his father in service.
  • Newt defends chicken hawk claim citing his life-threatening days as a teacher.
  • So far George's Bain Cap questions only possible game changer here but Mitt rivals too afraid to take on his 1-percenter pals.
  • Mitt rivals wimping out, job applications to follow.
  • Sorry Perry, Mitt wanted to be a Washington insider, but couldn't get elected.
  • Mitt watching Rick and Ron show, hands in pockets, thinking, "We're done here."
  • Santorum skips Mitt Bain opportunity, fights with Paul instead. So dumb.
  • Yeah, Mitt, we don't need gov't telling companies how to run things, when job killers like you can come in and shut them down for profit.
  • Go George go, finally a Bain Cap question. Mitt rivals afraid of that angle.
  • Oops, Santorum trashing CEOs, there goes his super PAC funding.
  • Missing Michele, this thing looks like frat officers trying to get more school funding.