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Mitt to the 99 Percent: 'You're Wrong'

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Mitt Romney pretty much lost it today with an apparent Occupy Wall Street protester, once again revealing a typically tone-deaf, 1960s "America: Love It or Leave It" mentality.

Romney was walking the rope line outside his headquarters in Charleston, S.C. on Thursday when a person off-camera asked, "What would you do to support the 99 percent seeing as how you're part of the 1 percent?" That's a fair question, but Romney's testy response suggests that he thinks folks who ask such things must support communist or dictatorial regimes in Cuba, North Korea, China etc.

He ends this diatribe saying, "America is right, and you're wrong." That's Mitt's answer for a simple question like "what would you do to support the 99 percent?" In other words, he's saying, "Don't you peasants bother me with such things."

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