Nevada's Dicey Vote

05/25/2011 12:20 pm ET

The more we learn about the Democratic caucuses in Nevada on Saturday, the more it seems that the outcome should have no bearing on anything other than luring campaign cash to Las Vegas.

Why not just wander into a casino and ask a bunch of drunks for a show of hands?

Voter turnout for this exercise is expected to be pitifully low. And even though no reputable pollster can credibly claim to have a clue about who will vote in this mess, here come the surveys to generate breathless reporting on their unreliable findings.

It makes some sense to run caucuses in states like Iowa, where generations have honed this town-hall method of voting as a genuine reflection of their civic culture. But it is just plain dumb to take Nevada's caucuses seriously until we know more about whether it is a credible process. More on Craig Crawford's Trail Mix