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Piety Payback for the GOP

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Pardon me for laughing at the so-called GOP establishment whispering to us their fear of Rick Santorum's religious authenticity. Oh, they say, if he wins Michigan we must find another candidate. Huh? Sorry folks, but this is what you get after years building a coalition based on a block of voters who only get your lip service.

These party leaders who would shun Santorum are those who eagerly harvested evangelicals for 30 years with phony appeals. Now a candidate who means it appears and they're suddenly afraid?

This is what you get after decades of pandering to voters who have finally wised up to your scam and flock to a potential nominee who doesn't just wink and nod but who would actually run as a pious, unelectable Christian.

George W. Bush was a casual evangelical compared to Santorum. Even Bush knew better than to yak about the evils of contraceptives.

Live with it, Republican bosses. You made this bed. And if you can't lie in it with Mitt Romney, you are stuck with the real deal, Rick Santorum.

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