02/01/2012 06:20 pm ET | Updated Apr 02, 2012

Should Team Obama Go Negative Now? [VIDEO]

Current TV's "Young Turks" Host Cenk Uygur asks the panel -- Michael Shure, Ben Mankiewicz, Craig Crawford and USC professor Ange-Marie Hancock -- a question from the live chat: With negative ads such a winning strategy for Romney in Florida, how negative will President Obama go, and when? "I'm a big believer in go negative early," Crawford says. "Any person who cut their teeth in Chicago politics has the stomach to go negative," Hancock says. Mankiewicz slams Cenk for hammering Obama for doing anything to get re-elected. "Why wouldn't that guy run some negative ads to get re-elected?" Mankiewicz asks. With $9.4 million raised, Cenk asks, "How is Obama going to run an anti-bank ad against Romney when his top donors last time around were the banks and this time around they're second?" Shure poins out, "He ran against the Clinton machine -- and won. He knows how to run an election. He's already got Newt Gingrich doing it."

(Current TV)

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