Bring It On (For Once), Mr. President

08/02/2011 02:46 am ET | Updated Oct 01, 2011

Now that you've saved the debt hostage, what next? Negotiate with terrorists to avoid future hostage taking or send in the political Seal team to double tap their asses?

Why not the latter, Mr. President? You've gone out of your way to show middle-of-the-road voters that you're willing to yield to avert a default catastrophe.

Now that the bullet is dodged, how about returning some fire! The process set up in the debt deal you're about to sign is open-ended enough to turn the tables on Republicans who seemed so willing to crash the government's credit standing to make an ideological point.

Stick to your guns on parity between military and domestic spending cuts. Stop hinting that you would entertain entitlement reform that endangers the health and economic status of the least secure among us.

And for God's sake, get serious about ending the joy ride for wealthy taxpayers and big business interests brought on by George W. Bush's deficit-busting tax cuts.

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