07/27/2011 06:12 pm ET | Updated Sep 26, 2011

Will Obama Swat His Prey Again?

Whether in politics, basketball or even courting his future wife, Barack Obama is known as a strong closer, a thinking man with the patience and inquisitiveness to quietly gauge circumstances until settling upon a winning choice at the last minute.

Will this chaotic debt-limit fiasco be yet another example of Obama rising above skeptical friends and foes?

While some, myself included, have questioned his conciliatory negotiating tactics, another view could be that Obama, as always, has kept his options open in yet another marathon debate - much as he did with health reform, which after all did end up in something tangible and dramatic, no matter how unsatisfactory to all sides.

Perhaps the most telling image of this enigmatic man's strength under pressure was this video of him swatting a fly. A simple thing, to be sure, but for anyone who has tried to strike down such an elusive foe, we know it is not an easy thing to do -- certainly not as easy as he made it look.

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