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Introducing HuffPost Food: Food for Thought and Thought for Food (PHOTOS)

Posted: 04/12/10 11:58 AM ET

The arrival of the HuffPost Food and drink section is right on time. Food may be the preeminent topic of our times. An exaggeration? Food weaves through, nay, encompasses all the major topics on the HuffPost menu:

Food is So Much More Than "What's for Dinner?"
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Never before have Americans had so many choices, and so much difficulty in making those choices. Michael Pollan called it the "Omnivore's Dilemma" because the question of what's for dinner goes way beyond what's in the fridge, it encompasses every topic on the HuffPo navigation bar: Politics, Media, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Living, Style, Green, Tech World, College, Impact, Books, and Religion. Food begs sooooo many questions, and this new Food section will try to answer them with food for thought and thought for food.
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