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A president committed to health care for veterans

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GIBillStamp He's not getting enough credit for it, but as we've seen recently, Obama's solidly been working for education benefits for the troops, and also moving seriously for real health care for them.

This involves the recent GI Bill, and back pay some troops had earned but weren't being paid, and now serious funding for health at the Veterans Administration.

You can read some of this from the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America,, and also at the VA site:

The President is committed to ensuring that the Department of Veterans
Affairs provides America's Veterans the highest-quality health care
possible. His budget requests the largest single-year increase in funding
for the Department of Veterans Affairs in three decades, and significantly
expands coverage, extending care to 500,000 more veterans who were
previously excluded.

Health reform will only build on the President's commitment to Veterans'
health care. The VA Healthcare system will continue to be available for all
eligible Veterans. Also, Veterans and their families will have additional
choices for high-quality, affordable health care, with consumer protections
that prevent insurance companies from denying coverage or setting a limit on
the coverage they will provide.

The health reform legislation that the House of Representatives is
considering would enable those who are covered by VA care, including
dependents of certain veterans enrolled in the CHAMPVA program, to meet the
individual responsibility mandate; thereby exempting such veterans and
dependants from being assessed penalties. If enacted, the President will
ensure that this exemption is implemented aggressively. The Secretary of
Veterans Affairs would continue to maintain sole authority over the system
and for enhancing the quality and access for all eligible Veterans.