Acumen Fund: Real Results via Book the Blue Sweater

09/13/2010 12:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Acumen Fund is the real deal, a social venture fund that invests in businesses serving the poor,with actual results.

They're giving away 500 copies of its founder Jacqueline Novogratz' book about changing the world. The Blue Sweater is her real-life story about the challenges of development work, including failures and successes in Africa to her work today with Acumen.  

This week, Acumen is giving away 500 copies of the book to nonprofits, schools, and community

organizations with ideas for how to inspire more people through Jacqueline's real-life story. How would you use free copies of The Blue Sweater in your community?

Later this month, I'll be judging entries myself alongside Jacqueline herself. (I guess it's my nerdly glamour.)

Some real results carried out with small quantities of books include:

 *  A 100 person Blue Sweater book club in the slums of Nairobi

 *  Preston High School in the Bronx staged a school-wide Blue Sweater skit

 *  Middle school students from low-income communities discussing how to change the world after reading the book at George Jackson Academy in New York

To share your idea with us, fill out the entry form available on Acumen's blog here.