THE BLOG at the craigslist foundation volunteer boot camp

05/25/2011 01:30 pm ET

Hey, I just found out that a session for will be at the craigslist foundation volunteer boot camp this weekend.

It'll be led by Jonathan Greenblatt, who chairs Our Good Works, which the newly-formed nonprofit which governs

The All For Good session will cover topics such as such as fundraising, future technology, advocacy and lobbying, community building, marketing and messaging, strategic planning, and measuring success and impact.  The workshop on All for Good titled "Smarter Service in a Web 2.0 World" will share how organizations can use All for Good to help distribute volunteer opportunities across the Web and on social networks.

Come join Arianna Huffington, Randi Zuckerberg, Jonathan Greenblatt, Ami Dar, Rich Harwood, Shirley Sagawa, and others (me too!) as tickets are still available for the 6th Annual Craigslist Foundation volunteer Boot Camp this Saturday at UC Berkeley.