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Colbert,, and Supporting Troops' Families

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U316241_sm Hey, you might recall Stephen Colbert's challenge, regarding the use of to support classrooms and teachers who teach the kids of troops.

One great thing about this is that after you do, and the students and teacher let you know about it.

Here's project completion regarding one of the project I've (very modestly) helped:

"Imagine being a high school student and waking up one morning realizing that you are in a strange new place, and except for family, you don't know anyone at all.

I teach a class called Student to Student (S2S). S2S is a student led program that confronts the challenges of transition experienced by military / new students. S2S provides relevant training that gives students the best possible transition experience. The S2S representatives are in grades 10-12. Our high school has a population of 1500 students, and because we are located in a community with a large military base, we constantly get students who are transitioning in our out of our school.

More to come...