08/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Consumer Reports Regarding Health Care Reform

Hey, the folks at Consumer Reports/Consumers Union are the real deal regarding health care reform, they've been on it for years. (Disclaimer, I'm on their board.)

Here's some hard truth from 'em:

  • U.S. health-care spending limits our ability to compete in global markets and consumes an ever larger chunk of workers' pay. Address cost by creating incentives for prevention and early detection, reducing expensive and harmful errors, improving information systems and eliminating unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments.
  • Any reform bill must preserve current coverage options for people who are satisfied with them.
  • For everyone else, we need new options with benefits equivalent to those Congress enjoys including a public option that will compete with private health insurance and pressure companies to improve.
  • Finally, reform must restructure the health insurance market by requiring insurers to offer products from among a set of standard benefit packages, requiring them to accept anyone who applies regardless of their health status, and requiring everyone to purchase coverage with adequate subsidies for those who need them.

You can also read how they're countering some untruths from bad guys regarding health care reform.