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Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark

Posted: July 12, 2010 11:19 AM

New SAVE award: power to gov't employees to improve operations

What's Your Reaction:

The deal here is that the rank and file, the grassroots of any organization knows what's going on and how to make things work better. They need a way to talk about real suggestions and to vote 'em up or down. Beyond that, they need to see commitment from the boss to make the best ideas into reality.

A previous effort in this direction netted 38,000 suggestions, and the winner involved Veterans Affairs. The idea was to let wounded warriors take home from the hospital the meds they hadn't used yet. Common sense, sure, but it required a policy decision, and this kind of change is hard to do in Washington.

Now we got this recent announcement of the new SAVE contest, which uses crowdsourcing to get the full version of this, with voting up and down.(It's from Pete Orszag's blog; I just saw him and reminded him that I'm a much bigger nerd than him.)

Bottom line: better customer service for citizens, and better return for the taxpayer dollar.

Nancy Scola explains it lots better at techPresident, and here's some guy talking about it.


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