08/05/2010 03:44 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Real public service cease smoking thing from official antismoking org

Logo-reLearnLife Hey, the folks at American Legacy Foundation are the real deal, set up by lots of states as part of a settlement deal with the tobacco companies.

They run the Truth campaign, trying to prevent addiction among the young.

Now they got what looks like an effective way to stop smoking, check it out!

This three step online quit plan takes a different approach than most quit programs.  It is based on the latest scientific research and practical experience from real ex-smokers. You can create a personalized Quit Plan on  and  because social support is key to quitting just like it is for any other lifestyle change, you'll be able to connect with a huge online community of other smokers who are also trying to quit.


EX also has a Facebook application to match up online smokers who have the same triggers (like drinking coffee or your favorite brew) and regularly tweet about the things you need to know as a quitter. Or the EX new iphone app that will help smokers quit and stay quit on the go. Whether this is your first try to quit smoking or your 10th, you can do it and EX can help.