Rescue Task Force: Real Help for Wounded Warriors

01/22/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Hey, the folks at Rescue Task Force help out wounded veterans in a down to earth way that really means something.

If you're evacuated after sustaining injuries on the battlefield, you lose your stuff, and while you're recovering, the Rescue Task Force people will try to get you replacements. Here's their take on it:

As a severely wounded warrior wakes up in the hospital, back home, safe in the United States. He/she is greeted by a liaison holding a
back pack. Not just any back pack, a Rescue Task Force back pack full
of clothing, shaving bag, entertainment items (Nintendo DS) and much
more. As this injured soldier, marine airman or sailor begins his/her
healing process - right next to them is a back pack saying "Thank You
for all you've seen, done and will endure" and each back pack also
says "Welcome Home, We have not forgotten and we NEVER will." - Make a
difference -