Setting the Record Straight Regarding Crime on Craigslist

05/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We're really horrified and saddened that our community services have been associated in any way with a crime of violence.

There appears to be a psycho on the loose around Boston.

We always help the cops out fast with the help they need from us, but they tell us not to comment on current investigations.

That is, we're effective at helping cops and DAs with the forensics they need to catch crooks. Downside is increased press coverage, creating wrong perceptions regarding craigslist, but we'll still do the right thing.

Craigslist gets around 50 million people using it per month; considering that, the crime rate we see is very low.

That's a testament to the trustworthiness of the vast majority of community members... and maybe most crooks realize how vulnerable they are using our site.

Hey, do me a favor, and pass this on.