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Revolutionary Road Spin-Offs

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The new film Revolutionary Road will be hitting theaters next week. It's a somber and intense story about a couple who can't fit into the suburbs in the mid 1950s, and can't stand the staleness of their relationship. I saw an advanced screening and I'll add this film to the list of great books that turn into underwhelming movies.

Think I'm just saying that to sound cool cause I read the book? Guess what, I was also in the movie, so there's no reason to shoot it down unless I meant it. In the first scene, where Frank and April Wheeler (Leo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet, respectively) meet, I'm an extra in the foreground of the shot and can be seen schmoozing and smoking some 1950s weed. I have flipped up hair and a devilishly handsome smile.

So, as someone who has read the book, seen and appeared in the film, I have an experts view of this situation. While the film may get a few Oscar nods, for some good acting roles, and for Best Reunion Between Two Actors Who Were Titanic, it will definitely not go down in the annals of great spin-offs.

So, my plan for flipping Revolutionary Road into a success--another spin-off. Specifically, a spin-off the character I played in the film. It's been a book, it's been a movie, make a third installment, focusing on a lesser character, and three times' a charm. Here are some perspective pitches I have for my successful Revolutionary Road spin-off (none of which will be directed by Sam Mendes).

Revolutionary Bro - My character has already been established as a weed man; it turns out that he's an underachieving slacker who works at a 1950s video store (it rents out educational film strips). A girl that is too good for him (played by Amy Smart) shows him it's better to be a real man than a man-child, and he starts making his own educational films teaching children the dangers of the devil's shrub. Directed by Judd Apatow (good version) or Kevin Smith (bad version).

Terminator 5: Revolutionary Road - This will be the ultimate prequel. My character, now named Don Connor, is Sarah Connor, from Terminator and T2's, father. Don is a traveling hair care salesmen and inventor hobbyist. He makes a small invention for his sales pitch, called the Perminator, which is a huge failure. But his next invention, a time machine, works, and the Perminator is brought into the future, and transforms into the Terminator as we know it. Directed by McG (It will be terrible).

The Road (to Revolution) - This is a spin-off/mash-up. My character joins the father and son from Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic book, 'The Road.' 'The Road' has already been filmed and is coming out in '09, so we'll have to CGI my character in. I'll be a ghost-helper that acts as the snarky comic relief from the harsh and twisted realities of the film and I'll hide in the shopping cart when scary people come to do harm. Directed by John Hillcoat, CGI done by the same studio that does Ice Age (covers all age markets).

The Road to Revolutionary Road - This is a documentary chronicling my rise to becoming an extra in the film. It will detail how a friend of mine from college worked at a casting agency, how hot it was on the set, and how a wardrobe women yelled at me when I accidentally wrinkled my period-piece pants. It will be directed by me, and will be a voice over and slideshow of the two pictures I have from the set (one picture is above).

Please send me money to help finance any of these films.